Ram will never return to Ramjanmabhoomi

Once upon a time, as per the mythology, Ram let go of his wife Sita because a washerman questioned his behavior about accepting Sita. Leaving aside, the multiple beliefs about this event, Ram said that the person who is running the show should always be the person to look upto and not have any allegations against him.
Now, Mr. Modi, leave aside all the allegations, how can you be happy at the spate of rape incidents. How can you live and sleep with peace when things like these happen.
What has happened to your boasted large chest which gave you lot of pride. Has it shrunk because you cannot deal with things like this..
We all know that you will shift the blame to the local govt. who is responsible for the civic law and order. But, the IPC sections are in your jurisdiction, the overall education and the value driven things are in your hands.
Even the openly known Nirbhaya case had to wait for 6 years to finally disallow the capital punishment. How will you stand and teach every one.
How wil…


PS: This was drafted a long time ago, but never published it.
The only inevitable thing in one's life. My Mother-in-law just expired.
Suddenly, there is no one to blame. Honestly!!

Most of us consider death as a punishment, whereas it is a liberation from suffering for that person.

She died due to kidney issues but once the issue was diagnosed she didn't last long and now to think of it she relatively died peacefully, as she didn't have to bear the suffering that most go through with kidney transplantation and various other things..

It is the near and dears' loss, because you have no one to look upto, no one to blame to.
It is my attachment (positive/negative) that is lost. 

I was too concerned, how my wife and others would deal with it, especially my father in law.. I am surprised how things shaped out.

Suddenly, I felt so close to death and yet felt too indifferent as if I will never be affected.. It is inevitable, yet Iam dying to address my immediate needs as if they are g…

My identity!!

If you think that you are what you think you are then you are totally screwed.

My exposure to certain things, is really messing with me about my identity in the digital world. As they say, the identity in a digital world is your mail ID, your bogs, your web foot print, my bank balance (which is also a digital entry) and all the stuff associated.

But ,through these soc alled social media and various other fraternity, I am no longer the beholder of my identity. I am wat I am perceived through these media. My projection of the same in these apps, and the analysis done by various technologies about me and my presence in these locations determines who am I and what am I capable of. 

This left me perturbed because suddenly my space is no longer my own, and its a mirage created that my identity is well being protected. Should it matter, I don't know.

I am a novice, but I am as disturbed as Edward snowden was with the amount of awareness he had about it. I do not control myself in the digital…

US attack on North Korea imminent

Not because North Korea is threatening Nuclear Strike.  Not because NK might be committing a genocide.  Not because Trump doesn't like the hair style of the chief of NK. And certainly not because the global peace is in quandary.
These are not the reasons US will attack North Korea. But it is because Trump might attack North Korea.
Trump is left with very little choice to divert the attention of US citizens from the ongoing internal scandals and muddle including the latest firing of FBI chief, which are expected to raise too many uncomfortable questions which even Ms. Conway might have tough time to justify.
Attacking North Korea is the only way that Trump can manage to take the country into confidence. I actually got this thought after watching a TV series in which the protagonist plays the role of US president.
War at times is used as a significant diversionary tactic from the impending issue. The same was used by some of Trump's predecessors and Trump in all fairness have the right…


He wasn't certainly his vintage best. He used to look much more composed, much smarter, fitter ..
(So, was I at that time :) )... 
All hope was lost until 2 weeks ago. Since 2012, it felt as if the god has decided to come down to earth and stay and live on earth. Everyone could beat him on the court, which he ruled for so many years .. yet, he felt coming back as if there was something that he owed to the courts and at the end the courts would seek their vengeance by not letting him conquer them again.
Every court and every year continued to be the same. From one mortal to another, everyone was able to deprive the god of his jewels, which he was trying so desperately.

It took his two daughters' mischief to make him break a tissue in his bone and go on 6 month rest. Suddenly, the courts came alive as every one of these mortals have started conquering the crowns, without the original king in foray any more.

There was another king of clay, who was also trying to come to his own terms,…

Missing Laptop!

We miss people and we get attached to lot of things. If you may not call it obsession or anything, I am typing these words for the last time from the laptop which has given me company through some of the best times in my life. It shared all the pain and joy of me and I could only convey them through this laptop. It allowed me all the skype sessions, chats, gossips, photos without which the reflection of my personality was empty. This is only witness to the cries, smiles, songs, videos that has shaped my past 5 years.
I can easily write the last few lines from this laptop and totally dedicate this song to this machine alone. " mukaam woh phir nahi aate ..."
Wishing adieu to this one machine, which meant so much to me!

Currency Manipulation subsidy!

Chinese foreign exchange reserves stand at $3.65 trillion. US foreign exchange reserves stand at $113 bn! Chinese debt stands at ~$5.2 trillion. US debt is ~$18.3 trillion! Yet, China choses to devalue its currency by more than 2% w.r.t USD! The devaluation raises some questions. The WTO norms seek for gradual removal of subsidies and also the other economic barriers surrounding any trade between nations. But isn’t the currency devaluation a form of subsidy being extended by the Chinese Govt. to its industries. Subsidies are generally extended in the form of tax exemptions, lower credit or moratorium periods or relaxed accounting guidelines. But an exchange based subsidy (Currency manipulation subsidy) is something that the Chinese Govt. is exploring, if not the first time, to its full potential. Why Can’t other countries chose to do so. Because most of the other countries have a mix of imports and exports and by de-valuating their currencies they are risking the increase in imports …