US attack on North Korea imminent

Not because North Korea is threatening Nuclear Strike. 
Not because NK might be committing a genocide. 
Not because Trump doesn't like the hair style of the chief of NK.
And certainly not because the global peace is in quandary.

These are not the reasons US will attack North Korea. But it is because Trump might attack North Korea.

Trump is left with very little choice to divert the attention of US citizens from the ongoing internal scandals and muddle including the latest firing of FBI chief, which are expected to raise too many uncomfortable questions which even Ms. Conway might have tough time to justify.

Attacking North Korea is the only way that Trump can manage to take the country into confidence. I actually got this thought after watching a TV series in which the protagonist plays the role of US president.

War at times is used as a significant diversionary tactic from the impending issue. The same was used by some of Trump's predecessors and Trump in all fairness have the rights to do so. 

And, it'd be no surprise that the war will take a huge burden on every one involved, but the ratings of Trump will cease to go down. More so, because the citizens of the nation have little choice than to rally behind the supreme commander in the event of a war.

Hence, if Trump didn't already get the idea, this blog may as well give him that.

Beware North Korea. Whether you are right or Wrong. Trump might attack you!
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