Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Being truthful!!

"walk the talk".. I think this summarizes what is being truthful.

But are we really doing the walk the talk?

History itself remember the winners. For it, ends are important than the means.

Would Gandhi have been so famous if Indian did not win the independence? His fame grew only because his means produced the results. But, what if I follow means and did not end up in results. Would that make any sense to any one?

Being truthful is one of the best habits. But, if I am the only person to be truthful, I might actually end up doing nothing because the means may not give me the results atleast in this nether world.

Many a people get huge pay checks or benefits because for them means may not be important, but people will speak only about those people who have acheived the results.

In the present circumstances if I want to make some change across the society, I need power in some means or the other, and nowadays power is not obtained just by being truthful. I can probably implement my strategies of being truthful only when people listen to me, until then my virtues may not be useful.

To clean up a mess, a person has to get into the mess.

So, I cannot be truthful and expect the results until certain position. Is it?
So, when Iam the observeD I should be truthful but when Iam the observeR I need not have to be truthful?

So, if i lie can I justify to myself that, this lie was told to reach a position after which I will be truthful. Is this argument justified?

But, I don't want to be like that. I want to be able to convince myself about all my actions.

But, may be if I have confidence on the greatness of those virtues probably I should not be concerned about the immediate results which might discourage me from implementing those virtues.

The results of all the virtues are found only with tons of perseverance and loads of patience. One has to resist the tempation and not fall prey to the immediate luxuries. Instead one has to stick to his beliefs and perform the actions accordingly.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Blast in Hyderabad!!

Today blasts occurred in Mecca Masjid in Hyderabad. Though I've never been to that Masjid or towards those areas, all that I know for sure is, it is the epitome of sanctity for muslims in Hyderabad.

Imagine the title that would have been given to these blasts, if they were to be showcased by major media channels across the world.

CNN or any US major media network would write it as:

Terror strikes at the heart of the city. Terrorists have targetted a major and the most coveted spots in the biggest city of southern part of the Indian sub continent.

The blasts have been meticulously planned to occur at the time of Namaj, the time in which all the muslims gather in a Masjid and pray. The timing of the blasts is perfect in the way, they occurred on the same day in which the culprits of the Mumbai blasts, that occurred in 1991, have been sentenced to imprisonment.

President Bush has condemned the attacks. He said that we should be prepared to deal with these attacks and insisted that terror cannot break our will. In his statements "We will not succumb to any of these blasts. These blasts prove that we are dealing with barbaric people. We will hole them out. We faced similar situations in Afghanistan and Iraq. But we are slowly but surely winning the war on terror. Iam certainly sure Taliban, North Korea and Iran are involved in this. So, I demand the congress to approve the bill for more 100 billion $ to kill all these people."

And the interviews or the telecasts would be equally gruesome.

BBC would show it in lot more saner way.

But our local news channels have their own style of presenting the data.

They just telecast the same thing again and again, and come up with same story. They would also create a animation show of how the blasts occurred. They will interivew some person who is no way related to the blasts and ask for his expert opinion(though the anchor presents his own opinion as the final judegement). The number of deaths would never be same across two channels and even the time of occurrence of the blasts also would not be same.

And lastly the rumours spread across wildfire. Some one says that curfew is imposed in the affected areas. That would eventually trickle down as curfew is implemented in all parts of the city, No vehicles are moving outside, No one is supposed to go near the affected areas etc. etc.

But, on a serious front, if we really look at the reasons for the blasts even before CBI or CID or CBCID or some intelligence group comes out with its one analysis, I can certainly think of some reasons which caused these problems.

Extremism, being the first...

People nowadays are going towards the religious extermism. It is the same with every religion, Be it Islam or HInduism or for that matter christianity... It is an open secret that chrstianity has spreads its wings across most of the southern states.

Every person has become very much impatient about the other religion.

We speak about Hindu Muslim Bhai Bhai... But are we really?...I still fear going towards those areas which are dominated by certain sections of the society.

Second reason is that, violence always breeds violence. I still dont understand why is the most developed nation in the world unable to understand this basic thing that whatever we do to others will come back to us one day or the other.

All these so called Terror strikes, etc. and the way they are emphasised itself creates an aura of magnonimity in the kills.

Let us try to acheive some resolve and sanity in the things that we do to make this a better place to live!!