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Being truthful!!

"walk the talk".. I think this summarizes what is being truthful.

But are we really doing the walk the talk?

History itself remember the winners. For it, ends are important than the means.

Would Gandhi have been so famous if Indian did not win the independence? His fame grew only because his means produced the results. But, what if I follow means and did not end up in results. Would that make any sense to any one?

Being truthful is one of the best habits. But, if I am the only person to be truthful, I might actually end up doing nothing because the means may not give me the results atleast in this nether world.

Many a people get huge pay checks or benefits because for them means may not be important, but people will speak only about those people who have acheived the results.

In the present circumstances if I want to make some change across the society, I need power in some means or the other, and nowadays power is not obtained just by being truthful. I can probably implement my s…

Blast in Hyderabad!!

Today blasts occurred in Mecca Masjid in Hyderabad. Though I've never been to that Masjid or towards those areas, all that I know for sure is, it is the epitome of sanctity for muslims in Hyderabad.

Imagine the title that would have been given to these blasts, if they were to be showcased by major media channels across the world.

CNN or any US major media network would write it as:

Terror strikes at the heart of the city. Terrorists have targetted a major and the most coveted spots in the biggest city of southern part of the Indian sub continent.

The blasts have been meticulously planned to occur at the time of Namaj, the time in which all the muslims gather in a Masjid and pray. The timing of the blasts is perfect in the way, they occurred on the same day in which the culprits of the Mumbai blasts, that occurred in 1991, have been sentenced to imprisonment.

President Bush has condemned the attacks. He said that we should be prepared to deal with these attacks and insisted that terror …