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Schumacher.. what Next??

He has finished on the podium nearly 91 times.
Grabbed the World championship 7 times.
Has the maximum number of consecutive wins in ever.
He is: Micheal Schumacher

After scalping the pinnacles in Formula one, the way he ended his career was magnificent. To come down from 19th position to 4th and with all those bad mechanical failures was indeed great..

So what lies ahead of him.

There was a programme in German television which forecasted that he might work in a Gas station...ooooooooooooooooooh!!

But... one thing that he might not ever be able to do is... if at all Hyderabad gets a formula one...he would be sad that he could not race here...

But still he can perform his stunts on the normal roads of Hyderabad...which seem to be full of Formula one aspirants on a limited capacity vehicles... Otherwise who on earth can maneuver the bikes on the roads of Hyderabad...

Schumacher after all these successes might still have something to learn from our great autowallas... Be it crisscrossing the road…

Traffic Flow chart - Hyderabad

My city!!

I've been driving across the busy, patchy and so called beautiful roads of Hyderabad. But our driving sense across these roads seems to be going down the drain by the day. God alone seems to care about the signals put at the junctions.

Just want to putforth the flowchart of traffic at a signal in x roads:

Step 1: Arrive at the junction.
Step 2: If signal present and you care about them then proceed to step 3 otherwise step 4.
step 3: If signal green :)
Accelerate more and go ahead!! If signal RedIf traffic constable present nearbyLook at the timer at the junction
If timer less than 10
Start/Continue and proceed
If timer greater than 10
Alas!! Will have to wait until timer less than 10:(

If Traffic Constable not present
Behave as if it is highway and don't stop!!
If signal Orange
Ha Ha! Who cares. It is as good as Green.
Step 4: Laugh at some one waiting at the signal and fly by!!
Step 5: Repeat Step 2 at every junction.

Recently it is observed that not many flows are coming to step 3…