Thursday, February 04, 2010

Necessity & economics

I was discussing with a friend about economics defining many relationships in the present world.

It was an interesting debate that we had. (I agree with both sides..and Iam open enough to accept that my side of the argument had flaws...)

The conversation went like this...

Me: It is economics that defines many relationships. The conflict between mother-in-law & daugher-in-law as a case is because the mother-in-law loses her power over running the things her way and the newly wed bride takes aways those privileges and hence the initial tussle between the two women. Similar is the case with most of the relationships.

Friend: Economics plays a role only to the extent of necessities. But these necessities differ for every person. Once the necessities are addressed, economics doesn't come into play and the relationships take a precendence.

Me: True! Infact only after necessities are met, can people think of anything else. And till the time these necessities are met, which can generally be bought by money..economics plays a crucial role. But if we observe, once the necessities are met, people no longer remain satisfied and they want to acquire the next level of comforts..and hence those aspirations become necessity. So, the moment the aspirations are to be met, economics again start playings its role.

Friend: So, do you mean to say that every relationship in this world is revolving around economics?

Me: I dare not make such a generic statement, but aren't most of the relationships heavily influenced by economics. It takes a huge & honest introspection to accept that yes, economics plays a huge role. The reason being every one of us is greedy. We are reluctatnt to accept this, but it is a fact. We are hungry to achieve more and have more and in the process let the relationships take a back seat. Many of us believe that we give lot of importance to relationships. Especially we Indians think that we have better respect for elders and etc. But this phenomenon of respect has come into picture mostly due to economics. Earlier, till our previous generation children were heavily dependent on parents for everything and hence they had no option but to respect them and thereby it became a practice and got into our genes. Iam in for the culture of respecting the elders, but the fact of the matter is that in India we give more respect to elders more out of no desperation than as a choice.

Friend: How does one get understand what is the truth?

Me: If we dig deep within ourselves and be honest, we can realize that it is our greed which lets economics play the pivotal role. The moment one let goes off many of his possessions, economics - one of my favourite subjects will lose all its lacklustre.

For once I pray for the doomsday of my own favourite subject. But Iam laughing because it will not happen, since every one of us is getting more greedy and hence economics will continue to shine! Way to go boy...