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Necessity & economics

I was discussing with a friend about economics defining many relationships in the present world.

It was an interesting debate that we had. (I agree with both sides..and Iam open enough to accept that my side of the argument had flaws...)

The conversation went like this...

Me: It is economics that defines many relationships. The conflict between mother-in-law & daugher-in-law as a case is because the mother-in-law loses her power over running the things her way and the newly wed bride takes aways those privileges and hence the initial tussle between the two women. Similar is the case with most of the relationships.

Friend: Economics plays a role only to the extent of necessities. But these necessities differ for every person. Once the necessities are addressed, economics doesn't come into play and the relationships take a precendence.

Me: True! Infact only after necessities are met, can people think of anything else. And till the time these necessities are met, which can genera…