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Where does it lead to

Next what??

The militants will be killed...Most of the hostages will be rescued, and we will forget the fact that Shivraj patil is useless until the next incident happens...

And we will also ignore Mr. Raj Thackeray's lack of leadership qualities during this time of crisis. And we will continue to remain the same.


Oops..It is not Same...It is SHAME

What is the course of action for the country? The PM has already blamed the neighbour, though our own people in the form of militants within the country are going to be eventual culprits.

War on the neighbour...No, pleeaaaaaaaaaaase? Yes, I will be consindered as a weak hearted person, but an outright war on a sovereign nation where the people do not hate, but only are under the mask of perceived hatred is not the solution.

Infact, we should go out on war against the militants.. Even Pakistan is not in a poistion to take away the Taliban and the AL-Qaeda from its hideouts.

Prepare a joint force and eliminate every islamic militant from …

Single digit inflation…good news or bad news??

In the amidst of all the good news, there is a silver lightning in the form of the news that the inflation has finally reached single digits. For the last week, the inflation came down to around 8.5% from around 10% in the previous week.

But is it really a good news? I think this is more of a warning of the forthcoming.

With a drastic decline in the IIP growth rates, and the average money available to people it was but pertinent that the inflation would come down.

But I think this is eventually leading to a deflationary trend. If things happen at the same pace as they have been happening, there is every chance that deflationary periods will be looming around in no time.

Consider this in the upcoming months:
a) Production decreases
b) Exports go down
c) Affordability of people go down
d) Fuel prices go down
e) Money available to people goes down
f) Negative perceptions towards the economy increases
g) Will not speak much about the exchange rate. It may remain the same or depreciate further, let&…