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Kotha Avakaya!

Turn back your pages in the dairies and go to your childhood, and you'd remember that one of the most important events at the onset of summer holidays is the preparation of Avakaya, the most solicited, famous & revered pickle of Andhra Pradesh. I was actually surprised that when I typed Avakaya there was no article cherishing the experiences of Avakaya. Then I thought of penning my memories associated with it.
 ఎవడు  కనిపెట్టాడో కానీ  ఆవకాయని, అది లేని జీవితం ఎందుకూ పనికిరాదు !!
At the onset of summer Holidays, when Mango is raw, the pickle preparartion season begins. More details about the preparation of the pickle itself can be found on the wiki page, but I want to write about the sweet nuances surrounding its preparation.
On the day, when the mango pickle is decided to be kept, we used to go out to the fruit market and start looking out for Mangoes which are as sour as possible from as many dealers. Since my mother cannot really taste very sour mangoes, she would take me along…