Thursday, July 16, 2015

Technical parameters at the mercy of commercials ..err Politics

Any one who has basic understanding of power plants would know that every equipment and the power plant as a total requires how much power to run.

For example: a standard 270 MW plant would require so much, a super critical 800 MW boiler would burn so much coal etc.

One wonders though why would the total consumption for a power plant change so much.

As usual, the ambiguities come from one of Reliance for one of the largest power plants in the world (Sasan UMPP)

Here is a brief history of the estimates given by Reliance on its expected coal consumption:

  1. In 2007, when Sasan was awarded to Reliance it initially quoted that it would require 16 mtpa (million tonnes per annum) to run its plant
  2. In 2007, Reliance quoted that it can mine 25 mtpa of coal from the mines it was awarded. This was 9 mtpa more than the requirement.
  3. As per the approved mine plant, Reliance was allowed to use 4 mtpa beyond the requirement of the plant
  4. In 2014, NDA government cancelled the coal license to the tune of 5 mtpa from Reliance. Remember this should still allow 20 mtpa to be mined and that should be more than sufficient for the 16 mtpa requirement
  5. In 2015, Reliance states that it underestimated the coal requirement, which now stands at 19 mtpa. And since it was allowed an additional 4 mtpa as per the mining plant, it now claims that the new coal block be allotted.
I wonder if there is any plant whose coal consumption increased by 25% than previous estimates. And that too for one of the most efficient plants!!

Prize deserved .. or not?

When Obama was given Nobel peace prize in 2008, there were lot of critics who questioned it, for Obama has hardly done anything at that time.

he was awarded the peace prize for his campaign and the quote of "We need change!". 

That was 2008. Here comes 2015. Has there been a change.

On the contrary, republicans continue to run the show in senate and continue to stop any bill that Obama is trying to pitch. And it has been doom for quite some time now.

That said, here are a few deals that might tilt many  people towards Obama deserving the Nobel peace.

One is the cuba deal.. by extending the lifeline and ending the embargo Obama has shown that if 60 years of embargo could change nothing, there is a need for change. 

The second is the Iran deal.. In spite of Iran not bowing down a huge, Obama went ahead and has completed a deal (may be due to geo-political reasons), but the attempt to negate war with negotiations has been done with greater push.

And of course there was the Iraq troops pull out and the Afghanistan troop down.

One chink though remains in his armour - The Guantanamo bay. I hope he even completes this and then he can certainly claim his award.

But everything at one side and now the threat of ISIS on the other hand. ISIS is the biggest terrorist threat to the world now. Had the Iraqi pull-out been partial and gradual, the progress of ISIS would have been very limited. Did Obama bite the bullet in that context? Only time will tell.