Sunday, August 10, 2014

Washing feet or hands .. which is more important???

The other day during a journey we halted for a while and when asked for a proper place for defecation, we were disappointed and disgusted at the place, and yet they were charging money to use that place.

It may not come out as a surprise to many, but many of us in India still wash our shit with our hands!!

We are just too ashamed to discuss about it. How many of us tried different and innovative techniques to try and use water instead of paper to perform the daily duty. But that's not the agenda of the blog. Wiki has a very good page about it (Human_feces)

We have a belief that whenever we come out of toilet, it is really important to wash our feet. While, yes there is emphasis to wash our hands but we are specifically asked to wash our feet since misfortune may follow un-washed feet. Nothing was said about the hands part!!!!

I was going through this article today which said that 60% of the open defecation of the world is in India due to various reasons (fixing-dreadful-sanitation-india)It continues to happen all across the country, but it has only increased in the northern states of UP, Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal.

We hate to discuss about it, and look down upon the topic. We continue to go to foul latrines and yet not bother too much about it. We've got so immune to it, that open sewers have become a way of life.

For many, it may not even come out as a topic to discuss about. Fortunately, our PM is vocal about it when he said that Indian needs more toilets than temples.

I just hope they simply do not wash off their hands from this issue!

Hope Dakota doesn't become Dakota!!

North Dakota has seen an increasing trends in various kinds of violence. Drug abuse, domestic violence and various other crimes have seen an upsurge in the recent years, albeit it still is below the country's average.
Now, why am I suddenly writing about North Dakota??
This is one state, which has seen a sudden rise in shale gas production, which has more than doubled in a span of a small time. It now has one of the largest proven reserves and is expected to play a strong role in making US, the leading natural gas producer.
The new oil & gas has produced lot of jobs, especially in mining, oil & gas technicians and various other jobs and suddenly the unemployment opportunities have become a thing of the past.
While I was going through a movie, I realized that many places across the world, which have seen a sudden upsurge in wealth have become some of the most insecure places. For example, many countries in Africa, Central & Latin America, Middle East, Central India have seen an increase in violence with a seemingly very strong correlation to the rise in natural resources extraction/production in those places.
Even various towns, which have transformed overnight into big cities have been far from successful in curbing the crime. I can quote the example of Gurgaon, a town next to the capital of India which has transformed into one of the world's fastest growing cities has seen such crimes that moving around the city post sunset became a contentious issue. While things have stabilised now, the sudden transformation was something that neither the existing people nor the immigrants could cope with.
With so many examples in hindsight, I wondered what would be the impact of shale gas on violence and crime in USA. Would all those places which have seen a sudden increase in wealth become crime prone. Looks like it may be the case. Further research may actually prove the correlation between the rate of increase of wealth to crime, subject to various conditions.

Or is it that US may actually not see major crimes because of effective judiciary, which may prevent the stakeholders from going that route. It would be few years before the actual trends come out. 
But, as of now history is seemingly repeating again! I so wish am wrong. It'd also be interesting to see, how things shape up in Colarado as well. More so, since they have legalized marijuana!!

PS .. In one of the dialects in my mother tongue, Dakota stands for "useless" .. I just hope the sudden rise doesn't make Dakota a dakota!!!