Thursday, April 22, 2010

Analysis of the legal status of a major social issue

Do you know that almost 50% of the countries have not legalized abortion?

I was surprised to know that. Considering the fact that if countries like India, which stand very low on human rights, have legalized was almost a shocker to know that so many countries have not legalized abortion.

I wanted to just understand how do various countries fare in their legal framework on abortion. 

So, here is some analysis using the trusted Excel.

The analysis done by verifying the abortion's legal status in various countries in 7 instances.

Just to give an example, of how to read the above table, amongst the 54 countries in Africa, 1 country considers abortion illegal even when the woman's life is in danger. And amongst those 54 countries, there are 21 countries which consider abortion illegal when the physical health of the woman is in danger.

Now, to understand some hard realities from these numbers....

From the above table, it can be seen that of the 199 countries, there are 13 countries which consider abortion illegal even when the woman's life is in danger!!
And the worst part is that almost 95 countries i.e. 50% of the nations consider abortion illegal even when raped!! So, a poor woman who is a victim of being raped has to go through the torture of raising the kid from a person whom she hates in most likelihood!! And we still boast of living in 21st century.

Let's do some further analysis. Let us understand the number of instances in which various countries consider abortion illegal.

The above image can be read as: 7 in the legend means, the % of countries which consider abortion illegal in all the 7 instances. 5 in the legend means, the % of countries which consider abortion illegal in 5 of the 7 instances. So, for each continent if it has more % colored in green shades, it indicates that that continent has abortion illegal in less no. of instances indicating a progressive thought process.

So, from the above graph it can be seen that North America seems to be the most progressive country with more green i.e. % of countries in that continent which consider rape illegal in all instances are very minimal.

The analysis may sound quite complicated but the numbers actually provide a detailed insights.

a) Even the most developed countries consider rape illegal in few instances which indicates that Development needn't be indicative of progressive thought process.
b) But the contrary seems to be true that, with few exceptions... countries which have made great strides in making abortion illegal are certainly developing 
c) Though I am yet to do an analysis on countries based on their religion, and also with due respect to each religion, it seems to appear that the countries with most instances of illegalizing abortion have Islam as the dominant religion.

I am leaving the blog with no further conclusion...because this topic is just not about numbers but lot of emotional distress which cannot be quantified!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Adios Sir!!

The great C K Prahlad is dead.

Sir, thanks for everything. You made us realize the importance to look micro before looking macro.

Sir, your strategies have enabled the creation of many concepts like global SCM, micro financing etc. which have transformed the way business is done.

Sir, you have created these concepts of bottom of pyramid etc. with good intentions. As an academician you have made sure that knowledge is created.

But sir, the mere mortals that we are, made sure that the bottom of the pyramid has become broader after you suggested the value at the bottom of the pyramid. By implementing your concepts, people at the helm came across new ways to extract the most from the bottom. Your good intentions were probably misused.

Sir, we will continue to be inspired by your ability to expand the cultural ethos to global platform. Thank you and we will surely miss you!

PS: I always hated Union Carbide (will continue to do so), for all the bad things it had done. For once though, it has something to its credit...It enabled the formation of the great thinker C K Prahlad.