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Who cares if it is not my money!

I give you billions of dollars to fend off common enemies. What do you do with that money?

You siphon off more than $5 billion to build your nuclear empire. Not bad Pakistan!

Iam a tax payer and through every penny that I earn, I pay a percentage to you to provide me with good infrastructure. What do you do with that money?

Build a gigantic monument of your own statues by consuming money worth Rs 2000 crores. This happens while most of the people you are ruling are below poverty line. Kudos to Mayawati, CM of Uttar Pradesh.

I am a tax payer and I want to make sure that you govern well. What do you do with that money?

Amass thousands of crores of assets for your son and yourself, and also get a chartered flight so that you can boast of better coverage. This in a state where there are huge suicides of farmers and mill workers because they cannot earn even Rs 20 per day :(.. Jai ho Mr. Rajasekhar Reddy, CM of Andhra Pradesh

Of course there is another person, the boss of all these people.…

Migrate from "Live and let live" to "Live and not let live"

I was just browsing through some articles about the aviation industry. The industry is obviously going through a tough time, but I just happened to look at two airlines which are almost on the verge of bankruptcy.

British Airways(BA)
Air India(AI)

Both are government operated airlines and are equally famous for their misdeeds.
British Airways was very famous for its baggage mishandling and the much crowded Heathrow airport in London added to its chaos..

Air India has been always famous for its irresponsible behavior with its customers and what not.

But the interesting topic to discuss is the way the employees of both these organizations are behaving during the present crisis.

BA employees have voluntarily agreed for a paycut or an unpaid leave instead of mass layoffs. They are trying their level best to keep the company up and floating.

AI employees on the other hand are about to go on a strike demanding that they receive all their salaries on time. They are in fact asking for a packa…

Ghanan ghanan ....

India is just believing that it is recovering from the financial crisis.

But one thing that has been supportive to India for the past couple of years may play the spoil sport.
It is the monsoons!
Being in Mumbai, where monsoons create a havoc because of their downpour, there is hardly any rain and we are already into the last week of June.
Already in Mumbai alone the rains are down by atleast 40% in the month of June and close to 70% of the reservoirs across India are running under deficit water.
If the situation continues then any respite to the GDP growth will evaporate with the hopes of the farmers.
Good monsoons add atleast 200-400 basis points to the GDP.
So all the eyes should be glued towards the skies and pray for the rain god!!
BTW, Saina Nehwal won the Indonesian badminton championship, making it the best performance by any Indian woman ever.

You deserve it!!

One is a country which has just completed a bloody battle within the its boundaries and completed a civil war which lasted for close to 30 years but are still worried about the humanitarian crisis.

Another country is battling with its own survival because of various reasons and is also facing the worst immigration crisis after its birth.

Both the countries are heavily battered, and need something to really cheer about.

The countries are Pakistan & Srilanka respectively.

Sports have had the reputation of making people happy through major wins and hence I hope Pakitan can clinch the ICC 20-20 2009 wolrdcup series, for which the final match is going to be played today between Pakistan & Srilanka.
Both the countries have played well to reach the finals.

But amongst both the teams I cheer for Pakistan because of the position of its country right now. THere is hardly any news that will make Pakistan happy. Day in and day out all the Pakistan is able to see is crisis all around.


How much does space mean?

How much does space mean?
I've been looking out for apartment in Mumbai for close to two weeks now, and Iam not satisfied with the response that I got so far.
We are being asked too much for the kind of facilities that are promised.
I felt like a refugee when I looked at some of the apartments.
We are still scratching our brains if the no. of people to stay in an apartment is "n+1" or will "n+2" or "n+3" is also ok..where "n" stands for the no. of bedrooms in the apartment.
So much so for the refugee talk...
I just realized what it takes to lead a life like a refugee.
75 people including women and children living in three rooms and a single toilet.
People sleeping in hand-mouth conditions that one cannot see the ground on which they are sleeping.
This is the situation in Pakistan who is tormented by the flood of refugee from the tarnished areas of Swat valley.
The Pathans so famous for their hospitality, generosity are being stretched to the limit to …

June 1st, the big day

June 1st, the big day
On this day Iam beginning my career as Management Trainee in Feedback ventures Energy division. Finally my shift to energy has been a grand success.
It is infact a big day to me considering the fact that this profile is what I wanted for quite sometime and also that Iam into the elusive Energy sector.
But today is also a big day for a country atleast 6000 miles away from us.
GM is about to file bankruptcy on June 1st. A company that celebrated 100 years last year and the one which has been the pride of US for such long time is finally biting the dust.
Though the talks of bankruptcy have been lingering around for quite some time, to see that one of the world's first and biggest car manufacturing companies is going down in this fashion is seldom a good feeling.
Hopefully this day will prove to be a much needed transformation for GM.
I pray to god that this journey of mine will make me feel happy about all the decisions that lead me into this.