Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It is simple silly!!

I was travelling across some areas of Telangana region to assess the energy demand and the propensity of the consumers to switch to gas...I actually took this journey to get an idea on how is the situaion beyond the city limits..

I was happy to know that atleast till a stretch of almost 100 kms away from the main city, things are actually not that bad...there are very good roads, power lines are laid out to the interiors and no where did my mobile stop receiving signals...these are acheivements that I was surprised and indeed felt happy...

and now the critic in me is back to the fora..

In an area which is some 50 kms from the city, there were lot of autos plying back and forth between two small towns...we wanted to check how many autos were there and that would be they be interested to convert to CNG based systems...

I inquired with some autowallas about the same and I was shocked to know that within a distance of 30 kms, there are close to 1000 autos plying every day...!!! and that in the coming few years there would be atleast 1000 more expected..

I was shocked, and asked them the reason...the answer was simple silly.

"maaku udyogaalu levu"!! "We don't have jobs".

"What do we do? Most of us are graduates, but have no other jobs, so in order to ensure our livelihood we take up autors which are giving us atleast 150/- a day. "

I had no answers..While it feels good to speak about the countr's energy deficit and lot more things that Iam generally interested about..I had no answer about how to solve these small issues.

Is it that tough to address these issues? I had no clue. For once all my enthusiasm and my ability to transform things hit a road block..what do I do to address these issues? It mustn't be complicated..

But I have no answer.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Where should one setup a power plant

One person killed in Jaitapur case...and so the total count of people killed in police firing protesting against the power plants has reached 4 in the last one year..and the number of protests huge..
Though the apparent reasons from each place, the protests hang on the same principle that no one wants a power plant in their premises..
If no one wants to have a power plant near their premises, then where should a plant be kept...
Recently another power plant's public hearing got disturbed because people complained that a 240 MW imported coal based power plant will cause cancer to them and hence they do not want the power plant.
Why don't people say that we do not want power and energy. Because that alone can stop the crisis..
Moreover, I was wondering what is the role of the police in these power plants and why are the firing upon citizens whom they are supposed to protect...and even the police are as ignorant and as intelligent as the normal public, don't they have any apprehensions towards the power plants..and why is it that they are always supporting the government measures than supporting the protestors.
Things have gone from bad to worse for thermal power plants. No one wants to put a thermal power plant in AP because of the riots...and same may be the case even in Maharashtra. Gujarat, apparently is the only state in India where there are hardly any protests for power plants. Is it because that they are not concerned about their health or is it because they are absolutely ignorant about a power plant?
The other aspect all the places where the protests are happening, the protesters are primarily the un-educated and ignorant labourer or some similar person who has no clue about the power sector, leave alone the differences between nuclear and coal based power plants. Hence can I draw a conclusion that there are probably some ulterior motives drawing these protestors than the actual cause of the pollution being created by these power plants.
I just hope there would be chances for some one to setup a power plant in the near future.