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Raghu Ram!

I remembered a beautiful carnatic classical rendition "Raghu Vamsa Sudhambudi"
This is a song, praising Lord Ram, who belongs to "Raghu" family hoping that he would bring all the good luck and charm. 
The song sets the tempo for further course of action and is a hope that the Raghu Ram will take care of the reins and lead every one ashore. 
Hope Mr. Raghu Ram can do so.
If you did not already get my intentions. This is a request and praise of Mr. RaghuRam Rajan who is the next RBI director. Not that the earlier chairman Mr. Subbarao did anything bad, it is just a hope that Mr. Raghuram rajan will be able to better handle the government and make it understand it's work better.
This was a simple blog requesting the almighty (RBI chairman, I guess holds the key for a lot of activities) to bring a shape to the country.
He will have to break the lock of Chidambaram and unshackle the country's growth potential. 
Otherwise most of us will end up doing nothing but singing