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If you have steel..setup a shop in Israel

Hey all steel/cement suppliers. If you are desperately looking for business with a small risk involved, you will mint money by going to Israel.

One may ask, why? It doesn't have enough geography. Its infrastructure is already in place. Why would there be a huge demand for steel/cement.

Steel/cement may provide home, but they are also used in raising walls and Israel going by its current strategy has more than one wall to built.

Can you believe it that Israel is planning to build a concrete wall for 220 Kms along its border with Egypt?

Imagine the total natural landscape devastated with the concrete walls of more than 20 feet towering infront of you.

I was shell shocked listening to this new initiative of Israel. they've already built a concrete wall around Gaza border and I guess they want to setup a similar border along Egypt. And if eveyrthing goes as per their plan they may go ahead and actually lock themselves within the borders.

How high would we build the walls within o…