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The current economic scenario and its impact on the services sector

This is an article, that I intended to publish in a magazine, but simultaneously putting it in my blog. it contains the list of all industries that constitute the services sector and the impact of the economic recession on them

Layoffs, Deflation, Unemployment, Reduced Growth rates, Poverty and the list go on. Needless to say, the current economic scenario is a tough time for all the players involved in the system. Services sector contributes close to 60% of our annual GDP and hence the impact on this could mark a death knell to the high growth rates of our country. Impact assessment of service sector includes the assessment on all of its disparate activities; a macro level analysis is done on the same with emphasis on some of the major ones.

1.Trade: Need less to say, with the burgeoning crisis is because of the decreased trade amongst the various business entities. The recession in the developed world has reduced the exports. Companies and banks are not willing to extend credit to ea…

Neighbour's envy owner's pride

Suddenly the transformation in the Pakistan military and the militants in its country is quite unexpected and a welcome news for that country.

Post Mumbai blasts, the major militant groups in the western and the southern provinces of Pakistan have offered a cease fire to Pakistan Military. And guess what, Pakistan Military seems to be inclined towards it, and hailed some of the most wanted of those "militants" as Patriots.

Before the blasts all these people remained the main accused in the assassination of the Benajir Bhutto, x-prime minister of Pakistan. And all the militants who were accusing Pakistan military for their alliance with USA have suddenly extended their solidarity to the same military and also are shovering the military with praises saying that it is very patriotic.

The sudden act of comradery can be perceived as an indication that one of the parties played a major role in the Mumbai blasts and the other party is appreciative of that effort.

These are inte…