Saturday, April 21, 2007

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Nike - Horror Movie

Would Roark blog?

If blogging was available for Howard Roark, would he ever blog? I doubt if he'd ever.

Before I go ahead, let me introduce Mr. Howard Roark ( Would Roark bother to be introduced :) .
Howard Roark is the main character, in the novel The Fountain Head by And Ryan. He led life in his own terms. Though I have read the novel only once, and that too I found the novel interesting only during the midst of the course, rather than from the beginning itself, Iam putting forth my opinion on Roark based on what I understood..

Blogging is an activity that caught up with me, though not with full fervor but atleast at a medium pace, and Iam trying to see about this activity from Roark's perspective, who gave a damn about what others thought or what others would perceive about him.

But blogging in itself is an activity which speaks about sharing one's thoughts. I correct in this definition. Blogging is an activity in which people try to share one's thoughts in order to convince his thoughts onto others. So, Iam trying to put forthe this article in such a manner, which would probably grab some attention, though it might not contain any real stuff within itself.

So, would Roark blog? Would he ever putforth his opinion in such a way that others get attracted to him, thereby he can make some money through google adsense!! Roark as projected by Ryan is a person who speaks about perfection and being himself. To him subject is what matters, than how the subject is projected.

Even if he creates the blgo he wouldn't care if any one would comment on his blogs.

HIs enjoyment is in understanding the beauty of the world around, and just ignore the fact that people are really ignorant about sometings.

He'd be happy pressing his boots on the grass and being elated with a winning sense, rather than brood about the comments on his blogs.

He'd rather work in a coal mine, than deal with editing and working on blogging.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Demographic constitution, boon or a bane?

"Too much of anything is good for nothing.” isn't it?

So, are we excess in population or can India still support the burgeoning population growth? If we are in excess, then as per the above saying, it should be a bane rather than a boon.

But, nowadays, why are we boasting about it? Because, everyone is speaking about the demographic constitution of our population. As of today, around 30-40% of our population is around the 30 years of age which happens to be the best for any working group. And if the same growth trend continues the same demography is going to become 50%, i.e. 50% of our population would around the age of 25-30.

Imagine the numbers!! By 2050, if the same growth trend continues, the population would certainly reach the figure of around 2 billion. And hence there will be around 1 billion people ready to jump upon the work. Everyone understands the benefits of it, as India is poised to become the biggest market with huge opportunities onboard.

At the same time, with the already declining population growth rate and population as well, China would be reeling under crisis because only less than 25% of its work force would be in the working group, and more than 30% would be of the age greater than 60. The situation of US will be worse than this.

So, going by the numbers India should be the destination for any activity calling for manual efforts.

So, it certainly looks like an advantage for India. But, is it really? Let us go a bit further.

What does this 30% constitute of? Skilled or unskilled labor? This is the biggest problem involved in this tricky 30% number.

Already, all the IT companies are complaining about the lack of quality work force, because of which they are being forced to invest around 3-6 months of training which is costing them millions. Added to that, the so called skilled labor which is mostly concentrated in the Southern part of the nation seems to be heading for a declining growth rate. Hence the increase in the population growth rate is because of the unskilled and illiterate labor force. So, at the first analysis, it seems quite evident that this 30% population might be actually only 30% of skilled labor and 70% unskilled labor.

But, even this is a big number, because 30% of 30% of 2 billion is 180 million.

One might argue that the labor force might suffice for the labor force across the world and India becomes a supplier of potential immigrants. Sounds good...again at the first glance...But when thought about it further, does this labor force have enough physical stamina to do the required job. India along with the increasing population is going to become no.1 in terms of the sick population as well. So, this population is actually a burden than becoming a source of income. So, our work force again is going to face some problems.

Even if I ignore all the above mentioned, does India have enough resources to cater to its entire people. Does it have the infrastructure to carry these people along with? Most of our cities are reeling under power, water, and civic services scarcity. With the ever increasing difference between demand and supply, can India survive? Or is it only that the skilled work force who can afford all these be able to survive.

So, going by Darwin, it calls for the annihilation of the major work force across India, because by that time much of the population will no longer be able to afford even the basic necessities and hence cease to exist.

Hey, did I move away from the topic of Demographic constitution to over population...Looks like that, but in fact the problems are intertwining, and are applicable to this topic as well!!

Thin about it... Still is the demographic constitution boon or bane?

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Indian IT services ..Booming or "Boom" ing

Guess the number of people the Indian IT services companies are going to recruit in this fiscal...I DONT KNOW :)... Actually they are going to recruit around 50,000 to 100,000 people in this fiscal year.

And if one looks at the profits of this sector... mind blowing would be a word undermining their performance. A quarter on quarter icnrease of around 45 % even for the companies whose revenues have already crossed the 1 billion $ mark.

So, what should stop me from saying that the sector is growing.

But, should growth be only short liven or should be a sustained one. Though the growth rate has to be maintained at every step, I understand that the short term growth rate can be compromised, but never the long run growth rate.

But, is our industry implementing the same principle. Are all the new companies that are budding, the ones which can make a change in the whole product range, or they only add more to the existing lineup.

History itself shows that only people/companies which have implemented a radical thought process, or to say the companies which have invested in bringing more changes into the market are the ones which have sustained. Most of the biggies today were trendsetters and hence were able to reach their positions.

But, are we in the same league? Do we even dare to think different? If not will we still be able to conquer the world?

We got independence in 1947, a physical independence. But, as what I see, if the same trend continues, our growth rate in IT services sector is going to cease, and the days of DEPENDENCE will be a nightmare turned reality sooner or later!

Power crisis solves power crisis!!

Hey...This blog is not about today's topple of Sheila Deekshit in New Delhi, and the power crisis of Congress. Nor is it about the lack of power of chappell to enforce things( whatever be those things!!).

This friends, Iam speaking about, is about the real "power" crisis.

Now, do not ask me... define power, but in layman i.e. in my terms it is what all of us need to survive nowadays. Days may not be far away, when indirect sources of energy may substitute the food consumption...( What a brilliant idea!! :)...

Nevertheless the reality bites the dust. AP, my own state is reiling under power crisis, not that the u\other states are faring better. IN fact AP is the better of the worse. Just have a look at the survey done by differnt organizations across the country...

Our locality in Hyderabad, already faces 4 hours of power cut. And, this is going to increase to 6 hours. This, inspite of one of the best years of Monsoon. But, alas!! rain gods could not save me from the power crisis.

So, what can save me from the power crisis. Many sugggestions are coming up, like more power projects, emphasis on Ethanol or other alternative fuels etc., Reducing T&D losses, some heroic actions from the movies like Swades:) etc.

But, to me, the solution for this power crisis, is another power crisis. This time, I mean the power to rule all of us. Unless we have able administrators sitting and monitoring the situation, any amount of supply will fall short of the ever increasing depths of the political fraternity and that of the demands of the so called growing affluent middle class.

So, the solution to a problem is another problem.

Power crisis itself will solve the power crisis!! Think about it.. adios