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Next PM candidate!

It is clear that Mr. Narendra Modi is the next PM candidate. And if all the dirty politics are kept away and if Mr. Gandhi remains the PM candidate, then in every likelihood the perception is that Mr. Narendra Modi will be the next PM.
But, what if Mr. Gandhi is not nominated as the PM candidate?
Then, who should that person be who can be nominated from the congress party that can stand the personality of Mr. Modi and has a cleaner image.
In the recent past, while congress/ gandhi family has been running the show, the face of the nation i.e. the PM has always been an academician or a shrewd politician, which isn't the trait of the gandhi clan.
Hence, even this time the PM candidate may be a person most likely with exemplary clean image and a well rounded and grounded personality.
Imagine this!
What if the next PM candidate from Congress party is Mr. Nandan Nilekani.
He is amazing, excellent credentials and can appease all the youth. And, because he doesn't have the political clout, h…