Saturday, September 15, 2007

Silver jubilee!!

25 years of my life have passed by...But 25 is just another birthday like the earlier 24 years...but somehow Iam fascinated by numbers and 25 does occupy some special position;) and hence a special occasion!!

As per the movie padosan, until 25 years a guy has to be a brahmachari and then he is ready for marriage at 25...ha ha.. But I have decided to extend that limit to atleast 50 more years, and if I manage to live that long the postponement would continue...Bad luck girls :-p!!

I want to write something on this special occastion though. But, what to write...Hmm..

About Schooling, college, and then office.. thodi masti, thodi sharaarat, thoda gum, thodi khushi aur thode dost .

I owe these 25 years to so many people...Ofcourse Iam not goint to say it the Oscar way of thanks to a, b, c etc...But things have happened the way they have because they are supposed to have happened that way.. and hence I met all these people because they are supposed to be present there to show me this direction...

The traits that would probably explain me are hardly anything in specific...Iam everything in bits and pieces...

There are so many things that I want to write on this occasion, but am unable to speak about anything in particular, because it would take away the credit from all the other moments that I have lived.

I realized that there is some purpose of my being here, and to realize that purpose and to acheive towards it would be the motto of the forthcoming years...

But alas!! my destination is already defined...and hence if I understand what am I supposed to become and the way things are going to unfold there wouldn't be any excitement or meaning involved in any activity...It would be more like watching the highlights of a match whose result you are well acquainted with...

So, I pray to the unforeseen force that has been so far guiding me to keep things as they are and make me the person who you want me to be..."sthithapragnya"!

PS: It may not be the end of this article, since this is my silver jubilee year I may pour some of my thoughts related to this through out this year!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Term exams!!

Iam writing this article before Iam going to take my exam..
Our term examinations are beginning today...Big deal!!
Feels different taking the exams after 4 years...I cant express how am I going through right now, but then the exhaustive studies that happened yesterday and the day before reminded me of the days that we used to write the B.Tech exams...
Its that "LOST" expression that most of us have had just two days ago... and here is everyone trying to gear upto to take the exam.

Atleast for me, Iam not that well prepared, but somehow B.Tech and my career have ruined my drive to excel in examinations like these...Iam taking the exams as they come to me without a great passion.

THe reason may be because everyone expects you to write down something from the text book...I know that there is hardly a method where the student can't be grilled based on his exams...

But wouldn't it have been fine to examine the student based on what he is and what he is capable of, atleast at the stage of Masters and PhDs...

We've been doing the same stuff for atleast 20 years in our lives and to repeat the same old stuff again does really take a toll on me.

Nevertheless let me just see how things go forward. I know these might make a difference to the Resume, but if it is what is going to rate me, then I may as well stop looking at my CV because Iam so bad at reproducing the things given in the text book and somehow I have no intentions to overpower tihs weakness of mine.

Wihing every one good luck.. and of course expecting the same;_)

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Humanistic Managers

Why aren't emotions considered important for managers. We keep complaining about our bosses that they somehow can't understand the problems of his sub-ordinates. Boss is always wrong and we feel that we would have done this and that if we were to be in that position.
But will we ever be able to do things properly when we are in that position. Forget about being in that position, even wold-be managers i.e. students pursuing MBA, can they behave the way which is humane.
Though being humane is a strong adjective to be used for so called petty things like hurting some one, playing with some one's emotions, I'd still consider that inhumane. I would not want to compare it with the inhuman conditions prevailing in Iraq, Afghanistan, Ethiopia which cannot be expressed in words.
Iam speaking about a very simple matter of fact "hurting emotions".

Iam writing this because of sequence of events that happened in the last couple of weeks, not with me as the subject though.
The importance of understanding the other person is something I think every B school should implement.
Agreed numbers maatter in corporate world, but whats wrong in acheiving the numbers without hurting the other person.
I dont want to conclude anything from this article. Just pouring out some thoughts was the intention behind this article.