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Vedanta ka anth..or is it???

For the first time, the environmental concerns in India seem to be taking the limelight.
Thanks to Mr. Jairam Ramesh for the first time we are seeing a stall to the major projects that have been flouting the environmental norms for decades.
To begin with, Vedanta's very infamous alumnium smelter in Orissa may take a hit. Followed by the hydro projects of Lohari Nagpala and the one on Bhagirathi.
Hopefully it will be a big blow to Vedanta's expansion plans...but the interesting part is just when the announcement of Vedanta's environmental concerns are about to be blown out of proportion, Vedanta announced its acquisition of Cairn. I guess, Vedanta already got a hint of the result and hence was planning to get away from there.
I guess, Vedanta got tired of exploiting lush green forests, so it has targetted the vast desert!!
I just pray that the group gets blown away by some sand storm.
As the saying goes, the faster you rise the faster you fall...Considering the fact that Vedanta …