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Two INs

The Two INs stand for INflation in INdia

The article was an attempt to answer how does India calculate inflation? And how is it calculated in developed countries?

India uses the Wholesale Price Index (WPI) to calculate and then decide the inflation rate in the economy.
Most developed countries use the Consumer Price Index (CPI) to calculate inflation.

Wholesale Price Index (WPI)

WPI was first published in 1902, and was one of the more economic indicators available to policy makers until it was replaced by most developed countries by the Consumer Price Index in the 1970s.

WPI is the index that is used to measure the change in the average price level of goods traded in wholesale market. In India, a total of 435 commodities data on price level is tracked through WPI which is an indicator of movement in prices of commodities in all trade and transactions. It is also the price index which is available on a weekly basis with the shortest possible time lag only two weeks. The Indian government has…

Miscellaneous-the first of many more

Three months, exactly after which I came back to my homeplace...Big deal again:)..
It doesn't get nostalgic for me, but still the feeling back of coming back to home makes you feel happy.
On my way back iam presently going through this region called as Telangana the dry area of my state. It has many fields, but the interesting part is many of the fields are cotton fields.

Iam within 100 kms from Hyderabad, the capital city of my state and one of the most happening cities in India, but the villages still donot seem to have any effect of the development happening around the cities.

it is close to 6:30 am now and even the dry parts of the region look pleasant and liveable. 2-3 more hours will bring the scorching sun to its peak and the pleasant environment will turn into a very hot, dry place with no water and power. The farmers are supplied power during the wee hours of morning and for couple of hours in the evening.

I guess those few hours are enough for those farmers, nevertheless i…

My more witness of war crime

On 16th march 1967, during the vietnamese war American soldiers demolished one of the villages in vietname "My lai".
My lai massacre has been one of the most gruesome incidents of the Vietnamese era.
Hundreds of villagers including women and children were brutally raped/murdered.
Before the attack on the village the instructions to the American troops was that any moving being to be considered as enemy and to be shot dead without any discrimination.
The justification given by the commander in charge of the troops was that he was following the orders from the top and that he wasn't guilty of the murders committed.

The incident itself came to light a year later because of the bold inspection by one of the American soldier himself who heard it across from the mouth of one of the other soldiers who boasted about the incident.

16th March earmarked the 40th anniversary of the massacre. The survivors still remember every moment that happened. One of them could survive because she wa…

China..reason for inflation in US :)

Looks like the new year has proven to be a nightmare to the rulers of china.
It all began with the severe snow, the worst in half a century which literally brought the whole country to a standstill...More than 3 million passengers were stranded in a railway station...

After the storm settled down, another storm has hit the ruling party....

the storm of inflation...It rose to close to 8.7% the highest in the past 12 years.

All these in the year of the olympics where China wants to showcase its prowess in all aspects.

The country which was defying all the laws with its continued double digit growth rate for more than a decade seems to be faltering on the front of ensuring the survival of many of its citizens who are starving to death due to the roaring prices.

No longer is one country's inflation its own problem. When it comes to the likees of the exports that China does it becomes a global problem, because the chinese products would no longer remain cheap causing the ripples across the …