Friday, November 26, 2010

Lizard theory...

Did you know that in Hindu tradition there is a belief that the touch of lizard is an indication of something.

Infact there is a famous temple in Varadaraja Swamy temple in Kanchipuram, Tamilnadu (The temple has awesome architecture and is a very sacred and historic temple) where there are two lizard idols engraved in Gold and Silver. Makeshift ladders permit devotees to touch the lizard. Here is an image of the same.

 Devotees believe that touching the lizard in this sanctified chamber absolves them from the sin of previously hurting lizards; it also protects them from future harm by lizards. People from various places throng to this temple to touch these two lizard idols.

You want to know what happens if any one touches a lizard in real life. Here are some of the indications.

Place on the body  where Lizard falls
 Be ready for death news from your friends or relatives
Both lips
 You are going to face difficulties
 You will be happy
 You will earn jewellery
 There is a danger to your life
 You will win friends
Left eye
 Your husband loves you
Left Hand
 You are mentally disturbed
Lower lip
 You will buy new items
 Someone will fight with you
 You lose money
Right Cheek
 You are blessed with a male baby
Right ear
 You will earn a lucky prize
Right eye
 You are mentally tense
Right Hand
 You will gain money
Right Leg
 Destroy your enemies
 You are blessed with a male baby 
Upper lip
 Enemity with someone
Both lips
 Be ready for death news from your friends 
 Your friends will visit you
 Difficult time ahead
 Someone will fight with you
Left ear
 You will win a lucky prize
Left eye
 You have a good news
Left shoulder
 You may face an insult
Lower lip
 You will win prize money
 Difficult time ahead
 You will lose money
Right Cheek
 You have a bad news
Right eye
 You will be defeated
Right shoulder
 Difficult time ahead
Upper lip
 Enemity with someone
Now, you know the reason why  people throng to the temple to touch the lizard idols.
May be it is time for you too? J

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Noise to counter noise

The rules say that officially no one can create noise or inconvenience after 11:00 pm. Hence even during diwali, we are not allowed to light crackers after 11:00 pm.
Nowadays, especially in Andhra Pradesh it has become a trend that people take out a procession with huge sounds during night and with such noise that it gets unbearable. Even if we complain, the voices are hardly heard. How do we counter the noise, increase the fan speed or put some ear plug so that the outside noise is not heard of.
This is what all of us do! we create some other noise to counter the noise. We live in a shell and think that the outside world is safe. None of us go out to actually suppress the noise. Least, no one even tries to raise a voice against the noise.
Whenever some tries to complain about it, they are pulled back by their close associates, saying why do you need to get involved in that noise. Every one knows that the noise is a huge inconvenience, but all of us keep mum, because we have our own ways to not get affected by the noise. 
Why are we, as a society so detatched to other's convenience. We just want to celebrate at the cost of others and want to complain when we feel the inconvenience. 
The noise that iam referring to is in many forms. Beginning with the barring music played by unruly crowd, to un-hygiene public toilets, Careless driving, corruption, wastage of water and electricity and many more!!
What are our justifications and excuses to stay away from the noise?
Stay in colonies where these do not happen?
Pay a premium for mineral water, and since I can afford it, I do not mind wasting either electricity or water.
I am safe in my car and I will also driving in a careless manner because even if I want to drive in a lane I will most likely get hit by another careless driver
And, finally I have an onsite opportunity and I will not come back to make any improvements! Let them go to dogs, I don't care!!

There are too many noises right now going through my mind. Let me also take this excuse to get away from a proper conclusion.