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Saale...sab chor hein

Saale..sab chor hein!

How much does an Investment bank make in a transaction? Let's see..

Investment bank arranges for currency swaps worth $4bn and it in turn gets around 2% as commission alone from the whole transaction. And of course the insights would allow the bank to invest/not invest in those currency swaps allowing for huge advantage over others.

So a group of around 15-20 investment bankers from Goldmann sachs involved in the currency swap transaction garnered around $80 million in just commission.

The transaction is made to make believe the world that Greece is in good shape.
The country tried to fox the whole world saying that its deficit is 3% where as the actual hovers around 12%.

But what is the eventual fall out of this transaction
a) When the true picture came out, hundreds and thousands are left without pension, no medicare, no wages due to the austerity plan
b) The country is on the verge of bankruptcy
c) The same investment bank suggests not to invest in that co…

Divestment...a good option..hmmmm

GoI intends to raise more than $3 billion this fiscal by selling its stake in some of the PSUs. Result: Stock prices of the firms rose and every one cheers!

So, obviously its a good thing.

Or is it? This is a perspective from a common man. Do you want to kill a cash cow? or do u want to milk it continuously?

can't there be a case where the govt. retains the company as a promoter but instead lets it run by promoters. Like BOOT basis. Why not? Sounds ridiculous???

What is the reason for divesting the stake? Raise money to fund social activities. But when the efficiency of the social activities is so less, that much of the money lands in the hands of the politicians..why raise the money through these ways.

In an era where private companies are trying to consolidate their holdings why should govt. divest its stake. The argument can be that govt.'s duty is not to run organizations. But when creating employment opportunities is one of the important functions of the govt. divesting i…