Saturday, December 29, 2012

Have you committed Gang rape .. no problem

I guess, even if I committed a gang rape I'd not have to worry. What will happen at max. let me see.

  • First, the police, even if they catch me, will keep my identity safe and so I do not have to worry about my future reputation
  • Second of all, some people and media will protest against me, but our bureaucrats and the politicians are very concerned about the law & order situation and hence the protests would be brutally crushed  So, I do not have to worry about the pressure from public
  • Third, do you know what is the maximum punishment that I can get. 10 years or fine. 
  • There are multiple ways to minimize the crime. 
    • "Tujhe pata hai merae baap kaun hai" (Do you know who my father is?") .. need less to say anything else.
    • If I prove that I did not plan for it and it was only in the heat of the moment because I was drunk, my punishment will be lessened since my intentions were never to hurt the person.
    • Of-course, there are ways in which the corruption works above all these things

Do you know if I rape my wife I get a maximum of 2 years of Jail or Fine, and the fine is defined by such outlawed rules, even a beggar on the street can pay that. ... how many Indian women face this .. No one even has an idea. How many times, is the dignity of a woman being sacrificed to satisfy the hunger of some drunken bastard. 

You want to know the status of all rape laws in India, an interesting read ( So many recommendations are already made and still the Govt. appoints some godforesaken person to again suggest ways to reduce rapes in the National Capital Region. God knows what will happen to those recommendations.

In this dastardly crime committed on a girl in Delhi, had the woman been conscious and had the people involved been from influential families, the whole case would have been simply closed long before the day light even broke. 

If some politican in an esteem position comes to know that his son committed a rape, would he surrender him to justice. Will his wife allow that to happene. Wouldn't her motherly sentiments take control over her womanly emotions (Example is the Jessica Lal murder)... Every one of us men in India is tainted by the relentless and blind love of their mothers. 

End of it, I know if I can withstand the pressure I can easily get away after committing any crime, which is the biggest thing that we achieved in 1947. The independence day that we celebrate is not the freedom to rule ourselves, it is the freedom to commit crime and remain loose.

I am just getting carried away by the anguish. But as usual I end up doing nothing but writing a blog post. "chetakani vyavastha lo chetakani manishini" (A clueless man in a devastated system)!

Legal infrastructure .. &*^&*^%^&

Fucked up is probably the least thing to say, about the mentioned title's status in India!
With the latest rape victim case just proving the case once again.
So many rapes, gang rapes, blatant violations of the basic human rights .. sorry, I guess the word "human" is no longer relevant to our society. We are animals in a human form... not sure if even that sentence is correct.
Every one understands that this is another story line, which will die out soon. Time and again, they keep happening, and now we are looking at some solutions to hasten the punishment process or the so called justice. 
What justice are we referring to. What are the cases which actually have given justice in time to the petitioners in India. 
The biggest problem behind rapes, gang-rapes or any crimes is the devastation of the legal infrastructure in India. All contracts can be violated, all crimes can be exempted, all criminals can be pardoned.. then what justice and what legal system are we looking at.
I am scared of going to a police station because of an absolute misbehavior that a police man did with me. I never want to get in contact with them. I end up in some litigation, I know that the best thing is to settle it even before approaching the police.
And again, the excuse is ... poor police what can they do, when even their hands are tied up in many instances. And all the fingers stop at the members of the parliament sitting and dictating terms. Can we assure the police that they will not be transferred even if they handle a particular case as per the rules of the book. Oops, "the rules of the book" .. here is the actual major culprit.
Every one of us understands that the courts operate as per the Indian Penal Code (IPC), which was construed in 1862. Yes, you read it correct. The Indian Penal Code adheres to the standards set in 1862. And, as is the case with our constitution, even the Indian Penal Code has had multiple amendments. But look at some of the important sections and their amendments .. Section 375, 376. These are the sections that deal with Rape as a crime. Awesome, we have a dedicated section for Rape. Very well thought. Now, let us look at the definition and the crime.

Section 376 in The Indian Penal Code, 1860
376. Punishment for rape.--
(1) Whoever, except in the cases provided for by sub- section (2), commits rape shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which shall not be less than seven years but which may be for life or for a term which may extend to ten years and shall also be liable to fine unless the woman raped is his own wife and is not under twelve years of age, in which case, he shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to two years or with fine or with both:
1. Ins. by Act 18 of 1924, s. 4. 2. Subs. by Act 43 of 1983, s. 3 for the heading" Of rape" and ss. 375 and 376.
Provided that the court may, for adequate and special reasons to be mentioned in the judgment, impose a sentence of imprisonment for a term of less than seven years.
(2) Whoever,-
(a) being a police officer commits rape-
(i) within the limits of the police station to which he is appointed; or
(ii) in the premises of any station house whether or not situated in the police station to which he is appointed; or
(iii) on a woman in his custody or in the custody of a police officer subordinate to him; or
(b) being a public servant, takes advantage of his official position and commits rape on a woman in his custody as such public servant or in the custody of a public servant subordinate to him; or
(c) being on the management or on the staff of a jail, remand home or other place of custody established by or under any law for the time being in force or of a women' s or children' s institution takes advantage of his official position and commits rape on any inmate of such jail, remand home, place or institution; or
(d) being on the management or on the staff of a hospital, takes advantage of his official position and commits rape on a woman in that hospital; or
(e) commits rape on a woman knowing her to be pregnant; or
(f) commits rape on a woman when she is under twelve years of age; or
(g) commits gang rape, shall be punished with rigorous imprisonment for a term which shall not be less than ten years but which may be for life and shall also be liable to fine: Provided that the court may, for adequate and special reasons to be mentioned in the judgment, impose a sentence of imprisonment of either description for a term of less than ten years. Explanation 1.- Where a women' s is raped by one or more in a group of persons acting in furtherance of their common intention, each of the persons shall be deemed to have committed gang rape within the meaning of this sub- section. Explanation 2.-" women' s or children' s institution" means an institution, whether called and orphanage or a home for neglected women or children or a widows' home or by any other name, which is established and maintained for the reception and care of women or children. Explanation 3.-" hospital" means the precincts of the hospital and includes the precincts of any institution for the reception and treatment of persons during convalescence or of persons requiring medical attention or rehabilitation.

The Summary is, as per section 376 (2) (g), a person can at max, get a crime of 10 years or fine. And the fines are defined as per the 1860 rates!!! Excellent. And the amendments are only done to the definition of the sections. Not to the punishment at all.
So, if I commit a gang rape in India, I can get a maximum crime of 10 years or fine or both. And if I say that I committed the crime in a state of inebriation, the punishment would be much lesser. 
Did you even observe, if a man commits a rape on his wife, the punishment is less than 2 years or fine. Wonderful!!
With such petty punishments, which can be easily circumvented what kind of legal infrastructure are we looking at. I will try and speak more about it later. Iam simply aghast. Instead of lambasting one another, why cannot we have better implementation of the legal system. Till that time I'd remain scared of going to Police Stations and the crimes would go unabated. Fucked up systems in messed up state!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Pipeline of dreams filled with gas

As usual we ran out of cylinder last week, and it took us two days to get a new one and for both the days we had to eat outside and also pay a heft amount to get our cylinder. Every one in India knows that getting a cylinder is such a bad experience. And moreover owning a cylinder has its own hazards coming along with it. Due to all the repercussions surrounding LPG based cylinder system, it is beneficial to have a system where natural gas is directly supplied through a pipe, called as city gas distribution network (CGD)
Hence the Petrolem and Natural Gas Regulatory Board (PNGRB) has called for bids to setup city gas distribution systems across almost 200 cities/Towns in India, and as is the case with many grand schemes it is going at a very slow pace.
It is important to understand that in the energy hungry society that we live in, having CGD pipelines help the society a lot. Imagine where every one of us can simply pay our gas bills online, and natural gas continues to flow unabated and hassle free. No kitchen will remain shut due to absence of natural gas. 
Unfortunately, among the developed and developing nations India has one of the lowest penetrations of piped gas and hence the need to setup the infrastructure. We lag behind Pakistan in the total number of piped gas network laid out. A city gas distribution network requires an effective system of gas production, gas pipeline of various configurations and a gas consuming economy which is widespread and has dedicative captive usage. While dedicated captive usage is the only area in which India has an existing potential with all other areas of the infrastructure required for a gas economy lagging. So, in order to manage the dreams of connecting 200 cities to piped gas means a massive investment in the infrastructure which countries like India do not have a successful track record to boast about. Also there are studies which indicate that CGD is a volume business but not a high profit business, making it less lucrative to many short-term/medium term investors. With this thought process in place, I asked my room mate why is natural gas required for retail purpose? The answer was cooking. But, if there was no natural gas but only electricity available, can cooking happen? Then his response was that, no. Because a rajasthani dish "Daal baati" can only be made on fire and hence cannot happen on an induction stove and so, natural gas is required for cooking. I knew that certainly wouldn't be the reason to provide natural gas. 
Then I realized that if analyzed properly natural gas can be replaced by electricity as the means of heating and cooking and so, there is no need of CGD.
Let us compare both the scenarios: Setting up a natural gas based economy in a gas deficit nation like ours would mean setting up massive infrastructure which we are not geared upto. On the contrary India has a hugely penetrated distribution network of electricity in place. Why can't it be improved to mitigate the piped gas requirements of India. Even on the economic front, producing electricity through natural gas and then distributing it would provide more efficiency and can be better controlled. And emissions are much lesser of-course due to the centralized usage of natural gas. 
A deeper study of viabiltity of replacement of electricity with natural gas as a primary source of energy for retail purpose is required to justify the case either ways.
But my hunch says unless "daal baati" is the most important dish, investments into city gas distribution network isn't necessarily the right choice for India.