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No work blues!!

Monday blues, hangover blues, marriage blues and lot others!! Every one discusses about these normal things .. but the blues that none of us speak about are the No work blues.. All of us crave for days when there is no work, and all that we are expected to do is to come to office, surf, coffee, gossip and leave..
But, what if the same continues for an extended period of time.. especially when you actually love working and need something to keep the senses up and running.. Iam going through these patches, that for the past 10 days I hardly have any work..
Now these blues are actually making me sleepless since the mind is reluctant to allow me to go to sleep for having not used it for quite some time.. Iam only starting to realize what it means like not having any work or sitting on bench (IT parlance).. while I will be paid for my salary, for all the position and experience that I extend to the company, what is the point if all the experience is there only for CV sake..

Consumed by nature!

“We, the willing, are doing the impossible for the ungrateful. We have done so much, with so little, for so long, we are now qualified to do anything, with nothing.” - Mother Teresa (Took it from the article written in Dawn)
Just been to some remote locations from Delhi for the long weekend. Quite an un-planned trip which did end on a good tone.
Was in places, where there was no network, continuous vegetation, but still a human to be found.
The road was not a proper one, with huge bumpy rides along the road, but the road was still visible and accessible
Streams of water, cold, flowing across the landscape at different depth, at varied pace..but we could still take a dip in it and not be scared of getting washed away.
Staring into the sky, clear sky, with a full moon, bright stars .. but still there was light that we could see coming from the closest neighborhood and we were sure that we are not lost in the woods.
Add to that the scare due to the chance of bumping into a wild elephant, which…