Wednesday, April 09, 2014


The topic continues to intrigue me. Honestly I continue to not understand it at all. As a boy from south India, where any open discussion regarding the biology of a woman is considered taboo, it took me quite a while to realize what exactly is it. Since then, it's been a confused topic for me.

We, do follow this tradition of keeping women separate during the mensus stage. I did ask why, never got a valid explanation. No one at home complained about it. But things aren't as straight forward as they seem. 

It is one of the traditions/rituals unknown, and appear to be un-called for. I am still looking for answers. It is not a philosophical journey. But it is another case where I should fight on behalf of ....!! 

I've started asking questions. It is one of those instances where I think it is wrong, yet I hope it is correct.

Wiki has some answers, read some interesting blogs (Menstruation perspective), but am not entirely convinced either ways. (Or do I not wish to get convinced?)

Many of the conservatives (I've so far acted like one) say, it is women who enforce this act, more than men. But that has been the case with many rituals/traditions in India, which is more to do with subjugation of women and their thoughts.

As my wife is quoting, I need not think about it and remain aloof. But would she appreciate if I do not question this and boast about my opinions. Certainly not. 

The first time, a woman reaching menstruation is celebrated. The girl herself is confused and not sure what happened and why is there a celebration. And the poor boys, are simply having fun that there is a function, and utterly clueless about the reason for the celebration. After that, it is a life long monthly affair (well .. mostly). Many women have horrid experiences during those three days and actually dread it. And hey it is just not the mensus time but even the pre-mensus time (the infamous syndrome). Women get cranky and are directed by only they and god knows what hormones!!

Nonetheless, the whole episode still remains contentious while being discussed. Do women feel comfortable discussing about it? If yes, then what and why, and if not, then why not?

Many may say why make such a big fuss about it. It is just another aspect of being a woman. But, this aspect of women is probably the least discussed and lesser understood by their counterparts.

It remains one of the most unknown aspects for me, and my curiosity will continue to pour into the next edition of this article...