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I wish that I did not know

When all that matters is, what will happen the next day.
When you know the inevitable
When you know the eventuality cannot be stopped
When you know you are going to lose an identity
When you know your voice is unheard
When you know your days are counted
When you know your next morning will be split
When you know your next drop of water will have to be fought for
When you know the decision may never give an option to look back
When you know that you will be forced to pay for the visit which we believed was common ancestral property
When you know that the days of bilingual talk are over and the pride in staying together ceases to exist
All this, when I know that no anguish matters any more!
I wish that I did not know!!

tambulalu ichesaamu ika tannuku chaavandi!!

In our place, after the end of meals, betel leaf and nuts are given which earmarks the complete closure of the meal. After this the person who was hosting his role is officially considered complete. He would not care what happens later.
So, the phrase above means that "we've extended the betel leaf, our role is over, now you may go to dogs!!"
This is the stand of Congress. Hell bent on splitting my state, for a desire of meeting the short term objectives of one elections and later they will decide about the way forward.
How will the states compete, what are the aspirations of people, what will happen to the resources sharing?
What benefit does it actually create to the state .. Nothing seems to be a matter of concern to the Congress party.
Once a party of unification, Congress has siphoned off itself as a party with a track record of splitting the states.
I am not sure, what is fun that congress is deriving out of it. We cannot afford so many states.
Every one knows it.
And here…

Fart Mart to invest $15 bn in India

Leading retail chain Fart Mart has recently signed a deal worth more than $15 bn in India. The news was revealed in a press meet by Congress spokesperson Mr. Raj Babbar. This came after his remarks about Walmart that “If Walmart has gone, more marts are there. They will come.” It was evident that congress already knew about the FartMart’s investments and hence were not concerned when WalMart said that they cannot procure the mandatory 30% from local small industries. The details of the MoU are yet to be revealed. FartMart is a world’s leading retail store with global supply chain in equipment that support farting. With a huge presence across the developed world, FartMart has recently forayed into the Asian space to adhere to the increased demand of farting from the various political groups across the nations. FartMart has agreed to adhere to the 30% norms of local procurement. In its press release FartMart has stated the following: "India has an established supply chain across its vi…