tambulalu ichesaamu ika tannuku chaavandi!!

In our place, after the end of meals, betel leaf and nuts are given which earmarks the complete closure of the meal. After this the person who was hosting his role is officially considered complete. He would not care what happens later.
So, the phrase above means that "we've extended the betel leaf, our role is over, now you may go to dogs!!"
This is the stand of Congress. Hell bent on splitting my state, for a desire of meeting the short term objectives of one elections and later they will decide about the way forward.
How will the states compete, what are the aspirations of people, what will happen to the resources sharing?
What benefit does it actually create to the state .. Nothing seems to be a matter of concern to the Congress party.
Once a party of unification, Congress has siphoned off itself as a party with a track record of splitting the states.
I am not sure, what is fun that congress is deriving out of it. We cannot afford so many states.
Every one knows it.
And here is congress bent on creating one more state, which will create a wave for another state.
The whole thing appears to be like that of a dictator. One queen sitting in Delhi, has never visited the state. Not sure if she can even pronounce telangana correctly. And she has is deciding the fate and aspirations of so many people. A language that is so old, a culture which is so ancient, a state which is formed out of good intentions, now will go to dogs, god forbid if it happens like that.
I am sad, for having not done anything. I am sad for the state of affairs.
I am sad that we are living in tyranny instead of democracy.
Alas, the decision is in the hands of one person who till her prime age never even knew that a country like India existed, forget the state of affairs of Andhra Pradesh.
Once a state, which led the way forward for the country, now will be a thing of the past.
I hope this does not happen.
I just pray that congress does not take the decision like this.
I can only remember the day of the partition and nothing less. I do not want this partition. Let us not build the Berlin Wall. 
Pleaseeeee :(
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