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100 cents or 55 cents or 64 cents

If only we were honest, to ensure sanity we should have stuck to 100 cents. Most of the socialist states, have tried to tweak the 100 cents barrier by re-defining their own benchmarks to a lesser number of 55 cents or another value.
Confused!!! I am referring to the definition of Poverty line. While the 100 cents itself isn't accurate, but it probably provides some consistency across the world. 
But to ensure that the government in power boasts about the economic growth, most countries have come up with their own version of Poverty line.
With the divide between rich and poor increasing by the day, it was obvious that the poverty line had to be increased to ensure that people who are not reaping the benefits can actually get access to the welfare schemes. But instead countries like India, rather political parties like Congress have re-defined the poverty line to 64 cents, thereby trying to ensure that the welfare schemes are addressed only to the "Real Poor", but not 'Po…