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Freedom struggle

Was just reading this article on Khan abdur gaffar khan and his struggle...For that matter every freedom fighter struggle to achieve the success.

But ironically, many of the freedom fighters didn't intend to go for the freedom struggle in the first place.

Everyone was busy or engaged in their own front. Few incidents brought them into the foray of the big league - Indian National Congress.

Even if one considers jhansi lakshmi Bai, she wasn't fighting for the independence of the country. All that she was fighting for, was the accession of crown to her son but not to the British. Agreed that she is the one who has fought bravely against the British, and in fact I am one of the most inspired by her stints with the war, but the motive was altogther different.

Mahatma Gandhi whom I consider as my role model in many aspects wasn't thinking about the freedom struggle. All that brought him into lime light were his demonstrations of courage and his willingness to help people in South A…

Will ganga Die?

If one was following my blog, for a long time I just kept the topic "Energy crisis" as one of the upcoming articles. May be this is the time I start doing some preparation regarding the same.

Today I attended this session by an international journalist on the topic "Will Ganga Die". He has written a book on the same and has done exhaustive analysis on the origin, flow and different aspects of Ganga.

Ganga is a part of the energy supply of India. Infact it forms one of the major sources of energy in terms of water and electricity. (There is another form of intangible energy also that it supplies i.e. faith :) ). Ganga has been one of the major sources or to say reasons for the near about self sufficiency that we have acheived in terms of good grain production.

Most of the Northern part of India which forms the largest chunk of population and population growth in India survives on Ganga. No wonder Ganga is treated as a goddess!!for without Ganga India would be reeling u…