Monday, August 27, 2007

Freedom struggle

Was just reading this article on Khan abdur gaffar khan and his struggle...For that matter every freedom fighter struggle to achieve the success.

But ironically, many of the freedom fighters didn't intend to go for the freedom struggle in the first place.

Everyone was busy or engaged in their own front. Few incidents brought them into the foray of the big league - Indian National Congress.

Even if one considers jhansi lakshmi Bai, she wasn't fighting for the independence of the country. All that she was fighting for, was the accession of crown to her son but not to the British. Agreed that she is the one who has fought bravely against the British, and in fact I am one of the most inspired by her stints with the war, but the motive was altogther different.

Mahatma Gandhi whom I consider as my role model in many aspects wasn't thinking about the freedom struggle. All that brought him into lime light were his demonstrations of courage and his willingness to help people in South Africa. He was inspired by other people to get into the freedom struggle and rest as you know is history.

I guess there are only few who always wanted freedom and would die for it. ChandraSekhar Azad, Bhagat Singh, Sukh Dev, Raj Guru. These are the names that come into my mind instantly if at all I have to think about some one who was always going for the kill. Can you imagine that they have spent 120 days in jail without having anything?.

I think I already spoke about this in one of my earlier blogs, nevertheless every time I think about those 120 days it sends a shiver down my spine. How can a 21 year old boy even manage to stay alive and still remain energetic after 120 days of hunger strike. We associate him to violence and an anti-gandhi. But isn't he the best follower of Gandhi with non co-operation and hunger strike for so many days. I cant recollect an incident from Gandhi's life where he was on a hunger strike for 120 days. That figure is so damn gruesome.

Guess what is the reason for their hunger strike. That they have to be given proper things that every person in jail reserves and that they have a right to go to court. People go to such great extents to get their voice heard.

I literally fall down when I don't have any proper food or drink for even 6 hrs. But for 120 days, goddamn it, where on earth did they get that energy. I know I am making the same point again and again, but the thought doesn't go away from my mind.

Potti sriramulu, is the one who went on a hunger strike for 54 days for the creation of a separate state for ethnic speakers of telugu and he eventually died. These guys have set the bar so high that people like me in the first place are scared to think about it.

I know I started off with something but I ended up with something. But isn't a blog supposed to be a place where I just write down my thoughts and not worry about the editorial stuff. :)

Jai Hind....

PS...This statement by nehru at the time of Independence somehow sounds very patriotic to me...."At the stroke of midnight when the world sleeps, India awakes..."

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Will ganga Die?

If one was following my blog, for a long time I just kept the topic "Energy crisis" as one of the upcoming articles. May be this is the time I start doing some preparation regarding the same.

Today I attended this session by an international journalist on the topic "Will Ganga Die". He has written a book on the same and has done exhaustive analysis on the origin, flow and different aspects of Ganga.

Ganga is a part of the energy supply of India. Infact it forms one of the major sources of energy in terms of water and electricity. (There is another form of intangible energy also that it supplies i.e. faith :) ). Ganga has been one of the major sources or to say reasons for the near about self sufficiency that we have acheived in terms of good grain production.

Most of the Northern part of India which forms the largest chunk of population and population growth in India survives on Ganga. No wonder Ganga is treated as a goddess!!for without Ganga India would be reeling under severe famine.

So, one of the most important things that India needs to take care is to ensure Ganga's water flow and sanctity for its own existence. The Power supply that happens from ganga is tremendous already and the irrigation channels developed from Ganga from the bloodline of India. So, it is quite logical that this major source of energy needs to be preserved.

Though I dont have any quantitative data with me right now, all that I know for sure is that no measures are being taken to preserve the flow of Ganga. Most of the sources of Ganga are already tapped. It is the subsequent tributaries of Ganga which are keeping it still alive. All the more the ever increasing demand of water and power are taking its toll on Ganga.

What can be the consequences if ganga dies?
a) 1/20th of World's population would nearly starve to death!
b) 1/10th of World's population would run out of water!
c) 1/8th of World's population would have lost a goddess!
d) World food grain production would be drastically affected.
One of the world's most ecologically diverse lands, sunderbans, would be gone forever.

Countless are the adverse affects of the death of Ganga.
I'd love to write more on this, but I'd rather put some quantitative data than simply throw stones in the dark.

Having been through the lecture I'd probably use fewer drops of Ganga water that's used in the daily rituals :).