Wednesday, October 31, 2007

23 years of trauma

We had a presentation on Bhopal gas tragedy today, and these are the excerpts of the meeting. THough I did not mention the details properly, people should certainly google the details...The presenation was by one of the survivors and an NGo activtist...Below are the details:

They are taken into Union carbide

There are bodies in tanks, fields etc.

16th Dec Bhopal is emptied, whereas the leakage happened on 2nd Dec

All the colonies are left with no people.
We spent our lives on alms....Either the parents are gone or the children are gone forever...
This is all what Union carbide could give us...
All those [ep[;e who are alive are leading life on deadly terms,
Many children are uneducated, unemployed.
Dow chemicals should own the responsibility of the status of Bhopal.
It wants to spread its fangs across multiple cities...
For the past 23 years, 25-30000 people have been suffering becuase all the localities are poisoned. Their water, air, and every aspect of those localities in those villages are poisoned.
Every employee of UC are told not ro reveal anything thats being manufactured in the company.
We've been fighting for the past 23 years, and we are old now, and we need your support to ensure that the voice is heard across all the corners.
People are dying, not getting married because everyone suspects that all the people are poisoned.
I request you to raise your voice and make Dow chemicals responsible for Bhopal.

There is no proper water available in Bhopal.
My son is 27 years old, but he is not in a position to earn his livehood.
Lets ensure that no mother cries at the status of her child because of companies like DC.
It wants to get into nandigram, Pune and they may as well turn into another Bhopal.
Let him take his poison along with him to his country.

Dow chemicals took over UC in 2001 but is playing double game in Bhopal.

Q & A

We should not stop at blaming Dow, Government should take care and ensure that the delivery is properly made.
Government was not even ready to accept that Isocyanide got leaked because it would question their position.

UC alone knew about antidote. People came inJanuary and started a clinic and were being given Sodium thiosulphate.
Great improvement could be observed. But the clinic was raided and the doctors arrested. It was raided because the anti dote process that the poison is in blood streams, and it would increase the liability of the company. The anti-dote is known to Dow and carnegie Mellon university but they do not reveal it saying it is a trade secret. What bigger than a human life can a trade secret be?

People are requested to sign a petition stopping Dow to sponsor any conferences.

Government had a weird plan to build a memorial park in it was stopped because of protests from people of Bhopal...
Irony is that Dow has gone on record that they are not going to acquire the liabilities of UC.

Friday, October 26, 2007

History in the making

I think it is already made!!

Iam speaking about the first flight of AIrbus A380 that traversed from Singapore to Sydney.

It would have been such a great relief to the A380 officials and the SIngapore airport officials...

Having been to Singapore and the airport to couple of times, I can understand the pride that Changi airport officials have in their airport and the care that they take to ensure that the airport and its service are in the best of their shapes.

THe delay of nearly 18 months in the delivery of the AIrbus A380 was costing a lot to the airliens as well, but the pressure was heavy on Airbus to ensure the delivery.

$1.2 million was received through the auction for the first journey in A380...

But I gues the journey would have been worth every penny. Imagine the feeling that you are travelling in the first flight of A380 :)...I guess people who are only interested in flights and have been closely following the making of A380 and the troubles that it has ben going through can appreciate the worth of this journey.

Couldn't stop myself from writing something about the history made !

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sparkle in the eye!

I was waiting to get a glimpse of the sparkle in the eyes of everyone in our class and fortunately today I could find in couple of eyes.

Today for the first time, I was able to talk to the class about the concept of determinism. The occasion being the Communciations assignment where, every one has to speak about a topic of their choice for 3 minutes. Of all the topics I chose this topic than the Why marriage or Why children, because I dint want to make it very controversial, but of late I faced occasions where I felt people needed to udnerstand the importance of appreciating others.

I will not again speak about my perceptions on everyone, but the class itself was very interesting, infact quite amazing. The best being a small speech by a Phd guy on how an arranged marriage is initiated. Every one of us liked that topic.

But the presentation gibven by one of our team members on evolution was amazing. I think he entered the presentation as an udnerdog, but guess what he is the one who has probably scored much better than rest of us.

The presentations proved that, things that people are passionate about are the ones which bring out the best in them. Let the sparkle persist forever!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Caste & misinterpretation of religious scriptures!

This is an article, which I thought of writing long ago, nevertheless it took me so long to shed my laziness. I was watching this documentary, which was about the ill effects of castism in India.
THough the religious aspect of that is the one that I wouldn't appreciate, the things about the barbaric acts against different castes makes you wonder if the system is really worth it.

A lady is raped and her husband killed because she stood and won the elections against an opponent who belongs to upper caste.

Children who are around 5-10 years of age are taught about castes and the thoughts are inculcated into their minds. Those innocent minds aren't even aware that they are following an act which may lead them nowhere. They are aware of one thing, that, people of lower caste carry need to be shed off.

During the Q & A session, I gave the example of the differential treatment between the castes, not between the lower and upper castes but among upper castes, and this is being implemented in one of the prestigious colleges in the state.

Iam not in such a passionate mood to elaborate about topic any further.

The way vedas are ingterpreted in the documentary disturbed me a lot. Religious scriptures never propose untouchability or there is never a justification for the differential treatment. The literal meaning of the scriptures may intend things which are way different from the real meaning.

I wanted to write so much about this issue, but the intensity of my emotions have subsided...hope to find a better reasoning behind the misconceptions of religiou sscriptures.