Monday, May 10, 2010

How I wish Buddha weren't smiling!!

Its been 12 years since Budha smiled again in India for the second time.
How I wish that the scientists and the government of India refrained from making him smile.

The first time Budha smiled, it inspired an otherwise sober Metal scientist to pursue on a dangerous mission of espionage and invent the nuclear black market.
The first nuclear tests conducted by India inspired one person more than any one in the world to make sure that Pakistan also became a nuclear capable nation. That man was AQ Khan.
The erstwhile kingmaker in Pakistan and the pioneer of Nuclear black market in the world.
I just started reading the book 'The man from Pakistan', a book I was longing to read for quite sometime.
Its just a conincidence that Iam reading it around 11th May, the day on which 12 years ago India conducted its nuclear tets.
Any one interested to know how close we are to a holocaust again should read this book.

But while reading the book and understanding the double standards of USA and the espionage of AQ Khan, I was wondering what would have happened if India never conducted its nuclear tests. 
Pakistan would never have become a nuclear capable state, and in the conventional warfare, India would have remained the dominant player between the two.
But now with Pakistan also becoming a nuclear capable nation, (some experts even believe that Pakistan is in much advanced position in delivering nuclear war heads than India is) the region has become very unstable. More over the threat of nuclear war heads leaking into the "rogue" hands has increased a lot.

I guess, all the credit should go to India for having not entertained any restraint on its show-off of strength. Infact since the first tests were conducted India hasn't made great strides in Nuclear technology and still relies heavily on outside support. So instead of a win-lose situation India actually lost the advantage to Pakistan.
So, more than India, Pakistan should celebrate the day India tested its nuclear devices for, that day transformed the way Pakistan pursued its nuclear ambitions.
In the process Pakistan has made sure that any one willing to pay money shall be provided with nuclear device. Kudos to India!!

PS: In case any one didn't understand what has Buddha to do with the Nuclear tests, the scientists in India referred to the success of nuclear tests as "Buddha smiled"!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Oil exploration vs Bio-degradation

Earlier I used to wonder isn't is better for US and the world that US starts tapping its huge oil reserves in Gulf of Mexico. The fuss about environment and others are a small thing compared to the savings that oil production in Gulf of Mexico can provide. The BP oil rig incident brings the justification behind the same.
On April 20th when the rig went on fire, BP said that the oil spill may be 1000 barrels per day. Then they increased it to 5000 barrels per day, and now the projections are that the leak may be as high as 60,000 barrels per day. (BTW 1 barrel ~ 160 lts of Oil). So per day, the spill is expected to be around 9,60,000 lts!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gulf of Mexico is considered one of the single largest locations of oil production in the world. They come next to the Mid-west Asia in terms of the aggregate oil production. The oil production from the rigs in Gulf of Mexico nears around 2 million barrels per day. That's a huge number!! 

Compare this with India's biggest oil discovery by Reliance in KG-D6 block, which is expected to produce a peak oil of ~45,000 barrels per day. 
The BP's oil rig is not the only rig present in the Gulf of Mexico region. When I just googled, I was surprised to know that there are more than 1000 active rigs in that region alone. In the image below, all the green ones are the oil/gas rigs location in the Gulf of Mexico region.
From the above figure, it is quite obvious that the impact of Gulf of Mexico on the environment is huge considering all the pipelines, oil rigs and the spill overs etc. 
This region is considered one of the most bio diversified regions in the world with endangered species and huge variety of fisheries. Also, in terms of maintaining the global temperatures this region plays a significant role with the warm waters from the Southern Atlantic exchanging the heat with the cold waters from the Northern hemisphere, thereby regulating the climate across the continents.
So, in a region like this, with such bio hot spots, and with potentially cyclone prone area, there are more than 1000 oil rigs producing around 2 million barrels per day and the chances for further exploration are sought at. 
Hopefully this disaster will infuse strength into the environmentalists call for higher regulation on oil exploration!