Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hopefully history will repeat on Sunday

Guess what this is about, the potential clash between Nadal and Federer in the Australian Open Finals on this sunday. Federer defeated Roddick in straight sets and has taken a seat in the finals. And in all probability Nadal, who looks in sublime touch as well may get into the finals.

Some of the shots that Federer plays look vintage, classic...there are those gems that sometimes we can witness from the willow of Laxman, the cricketer from India. You know from the sound of the bat hitting the ball that, yes! that shot is a winner.

Today Federer seems to have got back some of his game that he seem to have kept in the back burner in the last year. But, even today he wasn't looking at his best. Roddick was no where close to putting any pressure on Federer. It was like Ivanisevic playing against Pete Sampras. THe former had one of the best serves but no rally game. But Sampras always matched ace to ace with his opponent. Similar was the situation today. Roddick was banking on his service alone which Federer could negate quite easily. Hence Federer's game wasn't tested to its limit today.
But Nadal will sure test Federer, for, Nadal's reach and his cross court movement is quite fast. He seems to have been successful in disrupting the game plan of Federer. But I hope that Federer will come up with his master strokes on Sunday and may he retain back the glory that he deserves. Amen!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What did Bush intend to do?

How ever considerate I wish to be about the policies of Bush he always surprises me with more and more acts that seem to take the common man's life for a toss. I came across this article in NYtimes about the acts that Bush pushed during the last stages of his government. Here are some of those acts...

Health care: One particularly objectionable rule took effect the day President Bush left town. It gives an increased number of medical institutions and a broad range of health care workers the right to refuse to provide abortion referrals, unbiased counseling or emergency contraception, even to rape victims — further restricting women’s rights to health care. The administration should suspend enforcement and craft a new rule.

Gun control: A new rule would end a 25-year ban on carrying loaded weapons in national parks, which are among the safest places in this country. Before that changes, the administration should overturn this rule.

Workers’ rights: Revisions to the federal guest worker program would weaken wage protections and housing standards for temporary agricultural workers, who already have far too few protections.

The environment: The Bush administration worked overtime in its waning days to weaken protections for the air, water and endangered species. Representative Nick Rahall, a Democrat from West Virginia, plans to invoke the Congressional Review Act to overturn an Interior Department ruling that carved out significant exceptions to required scientific reviews of federal projects that could harm threatened or endangered species.

These acts have been the ones which came into picture during the fag days of the Bush administration. But even during his first tenure of 4 years, the tax breaks that he declared gave more than $50000 into the pockets of the rich and relatively a fewer amount to the people at the bottom of the pyramid.

There were things that he probably intended to be good like increased consumption, but that in fact has triggered the creation of bubble, which has taken most of the world down along with its demise.

I wonder if anyone would ever want to follow the footsteps of Mr. Bush. No wonder his brother has opted out of the senator's race because of the worst ever ratings to the Bush family. May sanity prevail in everyone's brains!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Finally violence seems to have paved some way

Srilankan military stated that it occupied the final bastion of LTTE, the dreaded area of Mullaitivu. What does mean to the region?

Finally people in Srilanka can breath free. tamils who were initially supportive of LTTE's cause slowly realized that it was another person's fervour towards power. Many things which start for a good cause seems to be lost in the frenzy of power.

But let me NOT draw any conclusions towards the approach of LTTE and military. LTTE may have started for a good cause, but the bloodshed for such a long time was not justified. This is one example for various states that partition will not satisfy any thirst. People should continue to live in harmony.

The future certainly looks good for Srilanka. I wish all the Srilankans all the very best for their future. They certainly have set some example about the way to fight internal threats and the bigger cause of the nation always should take a precedent.

I wish India extends and continues good relations to Srilanka and helps Srilanka establish itself as the destination for future.

I loved the beaches in Colombo for sure and I was very happy with the hospitality of them. I hope that the trade between the two nations will bring the much needed peace to this region.

They came for me, but no one is left to look after me...

Ever wondered what can be the cost of a foolish decision!

A decision taken by Musharraf has just taken a toll on 1.3 million people in Swat valley
[details about the swat valley]

Taliban has almost taken its control over swat valley and people over there are being made to do the things that they never thought they would have to worry about. This reminds of the famous philosopher against the nazis..

They came for the communists and I ignored, because Iam not a communist
They came for the Jews and I ignored, because Iam not a Jew
They came for the Russians and I ignored, because Iam not one of them
And finally they came for me, but there was no one to rescue me...

Similar is the situation for people in Pakistan...they ignored the raising threats from Taliban and ignored all the crimes that they performed all this while and now the Taliban came for them and they are helpless..

Police is complaining of lack of equipment and will from the government to take the highly trained and motivated Taliban.
After bearing the misuse of funds for a long time by Pakistan, USA now is going on its own pursuit against the militants and that's not helping the cause of Pakistan.
After all which country would accept their boundaries being bombarded by another nation. But Pakistan is having to see the result of its own actions.

In the course of all this, young people especially girls and women are suffering the most. Understand the situation of the girls there...14 girls had to face acid attacks because they planned to go to school!!

What aspect of a religion preaches all this??

I was trying to understand the "sharia law", which defines the rules of Taliban. It seems that a woman wearing high heels will cause sexual inclination in men and hence she should not wear high heels. Woman should not read because that may make them more liberal. Many of these rules appear so weird that I can't understand why educated muslims believe in all this and go and kill the people.

All that Iam doing is raise the voice against that through this blog, but not doing any thing concrete to help the cause. May be I myself am one of the culprits! :((

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Situation is same, but this time atleast the causes are bigger...

I was just wondering about the major international headlines in this first week of the year and the topics that have created furore

a) Israel attacks on Gaza
b) Sri lankan soldier's attacks on LTTE

These two are marking more violence at the dawn of the new year. But hopefully this may actually close the violence that has been prevalent for quite some time. So, Iam still debating myself whether these fresh attacks are an indication of a concrete end to violence but beginning of more.

If the former is the fight over land, then another news is happening due to the fight over resources.
Gazprom, the oil major in Russia, threatening Ukraine about gas supply: This major company has been threatening Ukraine because the latter hasn't paid some of its bills. If Gazprom curtails its supplies then many people in EU will be freezed to death since 25% of EU gas supplies are through these pipelines.

These two major headlines, ignoring the others, are an indication of the wars that have been happening since ages: the war on land and that on natural resources.

This time atleast the issue of war continue to linger but atleast the reasons behind those issues appear to be bigger.

So on a controversial note I end this blog. "May peace prevail!!!!"