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Mr. Kalmadi..Iam willing to particiate in CWG..

Its been a month since I've been bed ridden due to back pain, and god knows how many more weeks...

I was wondering, if I can perform any activity for the coming months..
But, even in this helpless state..I became confident that if given a chance I can still win a medal in the CWG games. 
I can represent any one of those nations, which thanks to Mr. Suresh kalmadi are not willing to send any participants..
And hey, did u hear what Mr. kalmadi had to say about participants opting out of the games..."these are all their excuses of ill preparation. They fear of bad performance and hence are opting out..".
Well Mr. Kalmadi, Iam not well prepared but am definitely willing to participate. 
I guess now, he would certainly call for a press conference quoting me as an example and blaming other athletes for not turning up.
PS: I think I will commute from my friend's place in lajpat-nagar to the stadium instead of staying at the games village..!!