Saturday, June 30, 2007

"e" commerce is bigger than E-commerce

Every one is probably associated with the term E-commerce. It is the business done online in any form.
From an Indian perspective E-commerce has come long way from a revenue of around some millions of dollars to near around billion dollars.

But the one that Iam going to discuss in this article is not that E-commerce, but it is the other e-commerce which every one is dreaming about i.e. "ecology" commerce.

What.. ecology.. and commerce?

Isn't ecology destroyed by booming business and commerce, and hence any increase in business will lead to ecological damage...So how is there e-commerce.

We know about Global warming which is happening because of the increased pollutants into the air by industries. Now these emissions, called as carbon emissions, have to be reduced in order to reduce the rate of increase of global warming.
So, a concept called as carbon trading has been introduced near around a decade ago.
Here, industries are allocated certain share in the amount of CO2 that they can emit. So, if the industry can reduce its emissions, it can trade its share with another industry and convert those credits into money.

Already carbon trading business is touching nearly $11 billion.
In this fiscal year for the first time some of the Indian companies( Few from Kerala) were also able to trade their carbon credits for money.

These credits will encourage the industries to reduce their emissions as those credits can be converted to money.

e-commerce doesn't include this carbon trading alone. Look at what not can be achieved to control the CO2 emission. Recently a person patented a technology using which one can inhale Co2 and store it thereby making the air better to breathe.

So, in short e-commerce means any business that ensures that the ecological disturbances are minimised.

India and China do not yet have bigger oppurtunities in carbon trading because they did not sign the treaty to reduce the pollutants, taking an excuse that they are developing countries and cannot afford to lose the pace of their growth with environmental restrictions.
Its going to be long time again, for India to enter into "e" commerce.

PS.. Iam still trying to gather numebrs about "e" commerce.


The raison d'ĂȘtre of this blog was that, whenever I come across with any stupid or weird thought I can simply put it down.

But, so far I've been only posting my thoughts but not any of my stupid ideas:).

SO, let me begin with one of them that just splashed across.

What if we have a monitor which displays different things depending on the person who is watching it.

Say in an organization I have a very wide screen on the top of the wall, and say, I have some goggles kind of stuff, or I have some sensors detecting the light rays coming from say X person.

The moment these light rays are detected, the display is only of the things pertaining to that person. Similarly for persons y and z as well.

Imagine a single wall and every one staring at the wall and working.:)..

It can be extended to many folds. Even for bill boards if the technology is intelligent enough to identify the age group/sex or whatever criterion that can be configured of the person who is watching the bill board, it will display the ad accordingly. In that way I have huge saving of money and space and at any instant of time I can have everything being displayed on the bill board depending on who is the viewer.

Isn't the idea very catchy? :)
Will come up with some ideas like these... Bear to understand those ideas!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Nowadays isn't everything about globalization? Or is it only talk and not action?

Are people really interested in globalization?

What does globalization stand for...? No physical barriers.. or is it like worlwideweb, where everyone has firewalls to allow people with permissions i.e. the boundaries become virtual.

History dates long back.. and the one that reminds us of what big walls are built is obviously the so called "Great" wall of china.

But, the trend is going the other way round.

Every one though that the break down of the Berlin Wall was a hallmark in the history of globalization, but things went topsy-turvy. It was the beginning of construction of lot bigger barriers...the behemoth of all the walls being constructed is the Isreal Palestine dividing wall.. It stretches for around 800 kms nearly.

Next is the proposed wall between US and Mexico... US wants to protect its boundaries from the illegal immigrants of Mexico...

India is also constructing a barbed wired wall between itself and Bangladesh.. which might stretch for around 2000 kms...

All the more there are talks about a wall between India and Pakistan...

What is the purpose that these walls are going to serve?

Will we be able to open our hearts in big way with all these boundaries made physical forever?

Will they bring the eternal peace, the thought atleast into the minds of the nations?
Will they bring back the lost glory of the togetherness?

The countries which speak about unification, probably mean to acquire lands than to be unified in literal sense.

This was about physical barriers...what about the virtual missile shield that US is planning on Europe? It says that, the shield will provide any attacks on Europe...

Doesn't it make sense that even before I take care of others I should probably make my home own secure?

We are all building the barriers across ourselves.. whether it be physical, virtual or the ones built internal within ourselves...We are avert to the concept of taking care of others... We abhor any idea of unification...We care about the things which will suit us at the cost of others...

THe only solution seems to be that countries will acquire another country, just like corporate acquisitions, and thereby elimiate the walls!! :)

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Now...why Marry in the first place?

Is marriage a license to satisfy bodily desires?
Is marriage a provision to acquire a partner for lifetime?

Does marriage really act like an agreement between two mutually adjustible parties?

Or is it that one of the members comprimises and is forced to comply?

Our religious scriptures say that marriage is an activity for the culmination of two bodies eventually to give birth to children. The clause is raising children. As I mentioned earlier, this explanation itself was enough to justify the marriage system.

Earlier People had patience and belief in the system. Every one would abide by the existing practices in the society.
Yester years have gone by and every one knows the ground reality, and we are still planning to marry. And marriage has become synonymous for one to be assumed as sane. ( Has it? ).

On a more personal front...
I believe I owe everything to parents, coz, my existence itself is because of them. So to take care of them is my duty.

When I have a very broad vision or a plan to do some activity, which would require all the resources that I have wouldn't marriage be a hurdle. Because,

Once I get married it becomes one's duty to take care of his/her spouse and children. Only when they are satisfied one should think beyond. Say, if I even earn around 2-3 lacs per month by staying within the country, first I need to satisfy spouse and children's desired and then probably plan for something left. So, it will remain a life long commitment, which, once I acquire, cannot ignore.

Now, a spouse and children are new commitments that I have brought which needs to be taken care under any circumstances and most of my energies would probably get used to it. So, I can think beyond the family with left out resources.

Why should I work on my passion with left out resources? When I mean by resources it can be money, energy levels and many more.

Even if I have a small percentage of that energy that I can use, I'd want put that into my passion rather than concentrate about some commitments that I have newly acquired.

Sounds out of the world!! Will try to add more perspectives to it. ( I need many arguments to convince my existing commitments about my aversion to marriage )

Having children..What will it give us?

Has any one thought about why should some one have children after marriage.
Why should people be so desperate to bring a concrete shape to their sperms and eggs?

With such huge burgeoning population and its related problems ( At least within the scope of this article Iam not going to consider that huge population is a boon ) should people be still looking forward to having children?

What purpose do children serve?

Iam not a critic of the existing activities/practices in our society and Iam assured that there are more underlying reasons than the ones that are being projected behind many things.

But some of the activities presented in our religious scriptures, as is understood by the general sections of the society, may be outdated or to put it correctly may be misunderstood and misinterpreted.

For example having children...Earlier with very less human population and a very high rate of fatal diseases it was nothing but obvious to have as many children as possible. Added to that were the lesser number of desires and joint families which helped reduced the burden on any member.

But the situations now or on the flip side. We are already burdened with near around 110 billion peopl roaming around us, with reduced natural resources and increased per capita consumption of those resources. With all these problems looming around, doesn't it become inevitable for me to reduce the growth rate.

There are hoards of children (Hoards because they are being brought up as herds of animals but not as humans) with minimal access to resources. They are infact DYING out there!! Having done nothing to any one of those ppl, why is every one trying to bring in more into the society?

Isn't this logical that, say, when I have some water and a plant dying infront of me because of lack of water, I should probably be pouring that water to the existing one, than to try and plant a new one?

For me, a smile on a child's face is probably the most truthful and is the one that brings in solace than many other things. But at the same time, a dying infact is more horrendous and heinous than any other thing on earth.

When will I realize these basic things!!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Partying...stress reliever.. is it?

This article is the result of an introspection done yesterday.

Yesterday, there was a celebration and a DJ night in the office campus, owing to some sports celebrations.

There was a band which played some songs and after the initial inertia everybody started dancing. Even I wanted to join the dance floor, and approached there with the other colleagus of mine (Male :) )...

But, I felt as if something was stopping me from dancing...Even when I was dancing I knew I was dancing because Iam trying to grab attention rather than dancing for the sake of it. Something was stopping me badly from so called freeing up myself.

I felt really out of place. Looking at the people who were dancing, I wondered if they were really enjoying the dance.

Even when I was in US or Malaysia most of the times I'd never dance because it freed up my mind or because it relieved me from stress.

I've been always this reserved person when trying to do things for myself. I cannot feel myself out of the world when in a group. Iam always conscious of the other people and hence I hardly do the honours to the dance floor!!

But, Iam intrigued about how is dance a stress reliever for non professional dancers. Let me not comment on other's interests, but for me it is another place to socialise probably, certainly not a stress buster for me. ( I have other ways to get relieved of stress for sure ;) ).

With tensions looming around, atleast for me, dancing is not a solution. Iam certainly not criticising the increasing puc culture or the people throbbing to these places to shake their assets.

All that I wanted to share was, honestly for the first time probably I realized that there are certain things which may remain if not a taboo but certainly not a place worth spending the time.

The article itself is a gloomy one, but a honest one for sure!!