Saturday, June 04, 2011

ayn rand vs Keyne vs Karlmarx vs John Nash

Was reading the book "Anthem"...Ayn Rand's first novel and her first narration of her philosophy of Objectivism. While Objectivism as a philosophy sounds really great and I would want to emulate it, the execution of the same across the society may not prove effective in the present situation. It sounds very utopian.

Her novels have been more than an inspration to me. But at the same time I like the various ideologies in Communism and that of Regulated Capitalism.

Did you ever wonder which ideology suits the present world? Hence I thought of comparing various philosophies proposed by certain great personnel.




Pre-dominant Philosophy

Karl Marx







Regulated Capitalism

Ayn Rand




John Nash



Game Theory

The three people mentioned here apart from Ayn Rand had a profound impact on modern society. I included Ayn Rand though more because of her Objectivism philosophy.

If we just see, what all the four philosophies stand for:
Who need to spend the Effort?
Who will reap the benefits?
When are optimum Results achieved?
Who Regulates the outcome?
Working for state's cause
Highly Regulated by State
Regulated Capitalism
Working for Individual's cause
Regulated by State
Working for Individual's cause
No Regulation
Game Theory
Working for Group's cause
Minimum Regulation
While Game theory per say doesn't state in explicit terms about the Group's simply states that the best results are acheived when individuals work for a Group's best outcome than for individual's best outcome.

Now...when we compare these philosphies don't know which can be rated better than the other..I guess that's quite a subjective thing...
Each philosophy has its Pro's and con's...while communism has had its days of glory it is the Regulated capitalism which is ruling the world.
While I'd love Objectivism to flourish, because it offers dignity of labour and also the individual stands to best benefits out of may beneft a lot only amongst the elite who are highly talented. What about the destitute and others who need the help of thers. Objectivism says not to wory about the society and only to worry about "I" and "I" alone. While this appears un-morale if every one of us believes in it., nothing better than objectivism.
Communism is losing the sheen, more because of its execution. While the theory of communism states that every one should benefit, only the people in the communist party seem to have benefitted.
Amongst all, Keynesian economics with regulations from state looks like the only best fit for the the existing conditions. Even this is having trouble with skewed regulations. It is probably because we are having semi communst-capitalist mind sets.
Even our own constituion says that we are socialist republic, but are we really socialistic in nature?
I guess we are still not an ideal world to follow on particular idelology..and may be multiple ideologies are the need of the hour.
Till that time, it is Keynes who may be declared the winner.
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