Man mohana bade Jhoothe!!

I was hearing this famous rendition by Lata ji and the other elite club. (Link to Youtube version)
I was suddenly awestruck at the Mukhda of the song
"Man mohana" bade Jhuthe..
It made me question, who was the song addressed to?
It is about "Man" .. the hindi equivalent of 'Heart".
But it stuck me again that .. it no longer is intended at "man"... 
I need to add "man mohana" .. which actually means dear heart.
And then it stuck me again that, even that is incorrect... it actually meant
"man mohan" a bade jhuthe...
Haa .. I see now, you get it..
"Manmohan"a bade jhuthe..
The rendition was developed 50 years ago protesting against, our Prime minister Mr. Manmohan singh's silence on coal gate scandal, 2G scandal, Hydro power allocation scandal, CBI file read/modify scandal, Land allocation scandal, Chopper procurement scandal, ... ok ok I will stop!!
What a song "man mohana" bade jhuthe .. OK, sorry for the typo
"manmohan a bade jhuthe"..
"Manmohan" means a person with pious and heautiful heart.
With all due respect to our dear PM, he has had great credentials and has been a great person..
For some reason I guess, he started loving his own self so much and has become very possessive about that beautiful heart of his "man mohana" that he would not let any one hear it
He has become very possessive of his own self that he would remain silent and let his heart not speak, lest, the "man" may run away with the words surrounding all the scandals!
He has transformed himself from "manmohan" to "maun mohan" .. 
As a matter of fact, the saint like person he is, he has decided that love and attraction to material things like Coal, 2G and also to crimes against woman are not great for the soul and has decided to protest against them and get rid of these worldly pleasures through silence and hence the maun!
So, hail the "maun" baba. He is the wisely and the one who can offer the true love i.e. "mohan"
Jai ho "maun mohan" baba ki!!

Nevertheless "Man mohana bade Jhuthe"

PS: I respect our PM for all the good deeds that he has done and for a great personality he is. I envy him for his academic acumen and can only dream about being the person he is (You know why I wrote this!!)
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