"OMG" says the bear

When Saudi Arabia decided to not decrease the production levels, the bears were really happy. Things became bearish.
You must have understood whom am I referring to.
Of course, the bears in stock market! If that is what you thought, sorry brother, the world is much bigger than just the bears in stock market.
I am referring to the actual bears, the wildly beasty bears.
Why would bears have fun when Saudi doesn't reduce its production.
And, I meant not even the normal bears... the bigger and beastier Polar bears!!
Bears were really happy that the oil prices reduced, thereby the production in Arctic circles would have not happened at the same pace. Hence the ecological balance would not have been disturbed beyond the already created ruffles.
While the bears slept through the winters happily and were ready to come out and enjoy the spring, so did the oil prices. And suddenly the biggest predator of all time became active in the polar regions.
Who can be bigger than Polar bears in the polar regions. Who else.. Humans!!
We've started digging the arctic circle again. One of the largest companies got the approval to start its exploration in arctic circle.
With this, comes the inevitable! The increased possibilities of destruction in the fragile ecology.
I wonder. How can a US court give approval to drill oil & gas in Arctic circle. Don't the primary occupants have a say on what should be done under their feet. For example, wouldn't it be fair for a human to go to arctic circle and seek the permission of say the penguins/polar bears or other primary inhabitants of the region.
Sorry, I forgot that .. I am on top of the food chain and hence have every rights to veto the requests of those animals.
After, all this .. I think the Polar bears will continue to laugh. Just that, their feet would be under water instead of "on ice".
They'd be laughing to the human's incessant desire to damage their own well being, and in the process affect every other entity on earth. They'd pray ... "OMG please spare these humans, as they are consumed by their own desires" .. please my god!"
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