He wasn't certainly his vintage best. He used to look much more composed, much smarter, fitter ..
(So, was I at that time :) )... 
All hope was lost until 2 weeks ago. Since 2012, it felt as if the god has decided to come down to earth and stay and live on earth. Everyone could beat him on the court, which he ruled for so many years .. yet, he felt coming back as if there was something that he owed to the courts and at the end the courts would seek their vengeance by not letting him conquer them again.
Every court and every year continued to be the same. From one mortal to another, everyone was able to deprive the god of his jewels, which he was trying so desperately.

It took his two daughters' mischief to make him break a tissue in his bone and go on 6 month rest. Suddenly, the courts came alive as every one of these mortals have started conquering the crowns, without the original king in foray any more.

There was another king of clay, who was also trying to come to his own terms, similar to how an emperor feels when his massive army is not wiling to fight and wants to lurk around.

Comes today, and both the kings have decided to fight it out to get, what was traditionally theirs. And the superior prevailed. 

Federer the god prevailed in the Australian open 2017, and breaking the jinx of almost 5 years of wait for the 18th grandslam title. I spoke to various people who were hoping every time that he is in finals that somehow he would get there. But, somehow 2017 began on a tone which is very refreshing to sports..

Trump is still there to play the spoil sport.

I was jubilant when I finally saw the hawk-eye showing that the forehand shot from Federer wasn't wide off the court and I jumped along with Federer and so did the whole world.. (my world)

Nadal was very upset, but even he realized that his presence in the court for 5 sets, was largely due to the unforced errors from Federer, otherwise the game would have been over within 3 hours and wouldn't have played out the deserved match that it turnedout to be.

Both their legs and age and looks tired.. but there is this one shot of Nadal, which showed his fierceness and then in the other shot Federer reclaiming his composure..

Both seem to have gotten back their best abilities... And this time on, I am looking forward to Federer vs Nadal match... for, the kings have decided to finally play!!
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